Ponder Back after 4 year absence ......anyone remember me ?

Ormond Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Hi everyone , I'm a seriously obsessed ponder who used to post water lily pics and send out lots of hardy and tropical water lilys , lotus , papyrus , and other marginals and oxygenators for postage here on DG . My husband went suddenly blind with severe amnesia and short term memory loss four years ago this April ,he was in the hospital for several months and is in and out pretty regularly . I simply let my DG sub expire . It was overwhelming the first few years for us all . We have moved and lost much of my collection .Ive been busy setting up new ponds here and am attempting rebuilding my collection with seriously limited funds .If I traded or sent you plants for postage in the past I sure would LOVE it if you could return the favor . Its been so long since I traded here on Daves that all of my emails are wiped ...... I'm growing out a few baby Tinas and will have islamoradas in a month or so . I also have Mexicana, Arc en ciel and Charlene Strawn to trade .for other lilies and lotus . I'll be updating my trade list ASAP . It's good to be back :) I am hoping some of my old traders will remember me VBG
Have a great weekend and Happy Ponding !

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Athens, PA


Welcome back - you have had a hard way to go the past four years. I hope things get easier for you. Would you be interested in any NOID waterlilies?


springfield area, MO(Zone 5b)

Hi! Welcome back!
I haven't' been here that long, so didn't know you before. I am moving unfortunately, so I don't have anything to share right now. Just wanted to say hi! there is a Texas water plant coop each year that is very nicely priced if you are interested I am sure someone will give you details. I think they do it in the early spring. You might also try an advertisement in your local paper, freecycle or craigs list. I seen someone on CL a couple months ago in my area giving away some kind of pond lily.

Aiea, HI(Zone 11)

I'd be interested in trades... I have quite a few named water lilies. All tropicals though... I live in Hawaii.

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