Winter growing Amorph?

noonamah, Australia

I was a bit annoyed when my A. prainii went dormant early in summer. Made me think something was wrong with it. The next season it went into the ground in spring and then did the same. Early summer it was all shrivelled again.

Instead of being stored cool this time I kept it at ambient temperature for the rest of summer and into autumn. A few weeks ago I noticed a small shoot forming. So I planted it in a pot and just sat it in the garden. The first couple of days into winter and it's already emerged.

If it grows right up to summer again and goes dormant, then it's a winter grower. Never expected that of any Amorph. My titanum grows a full year, all seasons, before going dormant.

The prainii has only had a few months of growth the past couple of seasons. Hopefully this time it'll make it 6 or 7 months, and develop a much larger tuber.

Welcome to the winter weather ...

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noonamah, Australia

A couple of weeks and it'll be mid winter and this is the A. prainii today. The pot is a 300mm and the plant itself is already about 450mm tall. Now I'm starting to feel confident it'll grow more rapidly and hopefully put out a flower next year. It definitely has to be a winter grower.

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Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

I have an 8 inch diameter Konjac that refuses to wake up this year so far. And a few smaller ones that have REALLY taken their time to wake up. They are JUST now throwing up the leaf spikes. I have ONE that is up and open fully though. Is this normal? for them?

noonamah, Australia

Despite it being the most commonly grown Amorph, I've never been able to get an A. konjac. But it's probably like some of the others. I've over 100 A. paeoniifolius and so don't pay much attention to most of them. But I keep finding the odd one only just starting to emerge near the end of the season. I think they can be a bit erratic. Generally though, they respond to heat which triggers the new season start. Maybe they need a bit more consistent warmth.

Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

Tropic, they are easily available on eBay. I got my first one there. They go for around $5-7 a pound typically. Thanks for the info.

Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

Here is a place that sells Konjacs as well:

noonamah, Australia

The trouble here are the quarantine laws. It's virtually impossible to get plant parts like that into the country. Seeds are far easier, although the list of prohibited ones is long. And if it's a seed they haven't listed, either as prohibited or not, then you have to submit a case for why it should be let in, and then pay a big fee for them to carry out an evaluative investigation. I've bought a few Amorphs off Ebay here, but have yet to see a konjac, But I keep looking.

noonamah, Australia

We're still in the coldest winter ever recorded here, and it just keeps going. Spring, technically, is in a weeks time but there's no sign of the cold letting up. On the other hand, the A. prainii is still going great. It emerged from the soil beginning of June, so that's about 3 months so far. If it gets to early/mid summer (December/January) before going dormant that's about another 4 months. When most of my other Amorphs go dormant it's time to plant the A. prainii.

From what I've been able to find it comes from Malaysia, though still haven't been able to find exactly where. Must be cooler highlands or deep shaded gullies. Most of Malaysia is closer to the equator than here, but with a higher rainfall. The A. prainii doesn't seem to need a lot of water.

Todays photo.

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noonamah, Australia

My prainii is slower this year than last, even though it's been a cold winter for us like last year. Going by the previous posts this year is about 6 weeks behind last year. It's mid winter tomorrow. Hopefully the last half of winter will be kinder to us than the first half. But it has improved. Yesterday minimum was 19C and maximum 35C at my place (inland).

This is the prainii today, still just emerging. Maybe I should have planted it earlier.

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Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

thanks for the pic tropic.. do prainii need a long season in vegetative stage to
for strong /larger corm for next season?
my amorphs are doing well..but ive moved potted ones into area that gets semi shade
after 4pm.. its been so hot/dry here.. up to now..
we had big rainstorm week ago..rained yesterday!! yea..and looks like will today too
YEA !!
when amorphs are in veg stage they need to stay "watered"..and fertilized to put energy
into new corm..??? yes...???
im still really a newbie to amorphs..i think ive done far.. LOL
all i can go by with health of corm/plant is how the vegetative growth and appearance is..
hope ya get some warmer weather down there!!!!

noonamah, Australia

I think a longer growing season is better for all Amorphs. Problem with the prainii is they give up in the warm weather. Maybe I should put them in the fridge when summer comes. Of course, photosynthesis might become problematical, LOL.

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