Will my old swimming pool make a good bog?

Fallston, MD(Zone 6b)

About 6 years ago I turned an old swimming pool into a fish pond. Unfortunately, the liner tore last spring and all the fish were lost. The pool now has about 1 foot of water and several hundred frogs happily living there. There is a mucky accumulation of leaves and detritus on the bottom and I'm thinking it might make a good bog. My 4 bogs are being overrun with plants such as ribbon grass, lizard's tail and creeping jenny. Does anyone know if these plants will live in the pool, without having to add any type of soil?

Ocoee (W. Orlando), FL(Zone 9b)

I grow just about everything in water...with tadpoles. Even things that shouldn't really survive in just water (like hosta) thrive. I think the tadpole "manure" is just enough to keep the plants healthy. They also eat off any decaying roots and leaves, which normally would pollute the water, and keep it crystal clear. I have umbrella palm, canna, hosta, lotus, and elephant ears growing that way. I'm sure you will have no problem at all, especially if you're already ahead with a sediment layer accumulating on the bottom.

Fallston, MD(Zone 6b)

Wow! I have more hostas than I can dig up and move; i think i'll try some in the pool.

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