hatching turtle eggs

Bloomingdale, NJ(Zone 6a)

Recently saw a painted turtle that got hit by a car. (am a veterinarian and someone brought it into our clinic). We tried to save it by repairing the shell but it died two days later (Its liver was damaged and it had a broken egg inside). After necropsy, I'm left with 7 turtle eggs. I've read that you can incubate them (without an incubator) by putting them in moist vermiculite and keeping in a warm room or outside (ideally about 84 degrees) as long as they don't get too hot. Anybody have experience doing this? Would love to be able to hatch out some babies!

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Bloomingdale, NJ(Zone 6a)

This is what the mom looked like- poor thing!

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Bloomingdale, NJ(Zone 6a)

Here's my unsuccessful attempt at shell repair. I've been to turtle seminars where it was recommended to glue on small plastic loops to the shell and bridge with cable ties to repair the shell fracture, but I had a hard time getting the glue to hold, so I substituted a metal ring with waterproof epoxy putty and held together with wire.(In this picture I hadn't gotten the front crack closed yet because the front piece of putty kept popping off and I had to give it more time to dry). I think it might have had a chance if the injuries weren't so severe.

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Port Elizabeth, South Africa(Zone 10a)

Such a shame - no experience - but at least you tried.

Grand-Falls, NB(Zone 4a)

Hope you found info on hatching the eggs. Will be watching for updates. Too bad mom didn't make it though.

Redwood City, CA

You gave her the best shot she possibly could have had. I hope some eggs hatch.

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