grapes in the Rocky Mountains

Seattle, WA


I have steel fences with an open view of the east in the area surrounding my gardens which are drip irrigated. I want to grow seedless table grapes, both Himrod and Reliance on these fences. I have received misinformation since moving here about growing grapes in this area. We are at 6,500 feet, alkaline clay soil, about 7.5 and I will amend this soil, even to t he point of replacing it so that the 318 days of full sun and drip irrigation will be positive force in attaining good growth for my grapes.

I need about 2 dozen plants that will be adaptable to the zone 5 area I am now living in. I would appreciate any advice I could get from experienced grape growers in the Rocky Mountain region, especially those who are growing table grapes. To begin with, whose plants do I want to order?

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Gene So

Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

For red grapes, Reliance is a good choice, so is Canadice. Canadice was my daughter's favorite of the grapes my parents were growing in Canon City, so that is what I am growing in Pueblo West (chalky alkaline clay). I haven't got many grapes yet (birds beat me to them last year, then it was set back by an unusually cold winter & spring this year)
For blue grapes, Seedless Concord has that classic grape jelly/juice flavor, my parents grow it successfully in Canon City in a very hot fairly dry location. Plant Select recommended "Saint Teresa" is supposed to be similar but with even more cold Hardiness.
I'm trying Himrod myself - after doing some research, I thought it sounded like the best white (forget why, probably taste).

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