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Plant Propagation part XXXVII based on my own experience

Tulsa, OK(Zone 6b)

Hello to everyone and welcome:

To those new to our little chat. Plese feel free ask anything, as we try to keep it simple and fee l/we should always pass along our own knowledge. Lurkers are also welcome. Please check in if possible I would hate to loose someone in one of these switches.

We came from here:

As with all of the threads I stat I like to welcome anyone new to our little corner of Daves Garden. Please take the time to read all the past threads. Most of them have some great information in them. There are no dumb questions except for the 1 thats never asked.

Anyone new I highly recomend reading the propagation how to 1/4 of the way down the first incarnation of this thread.we have evolved to a mix of good people having fun and discussing issues we are having at the moment. if you need individualhelp just dmail me I am always glad to help.

Here is the 1st post

pictured is of my poppies in flower as a group. They are done and dried up it looks like they are all burned but I think its just the life cycle. they were great fun just a bit too tall for my liking.

I look forward to some spirited conversation but as mother nature has decided to be nasty this year we will also be chatting about the weather and what we are growing


thank you for the intrest and welcome

Thumbnail by Pughbear7
Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

Well, here I am and JB will be last because she is cooking in her high heat. We are close to freezing. Got down to almost in the 30s last night.

I thought the same thing about ferts and nutes Dave. But not JB. I guess I do not believe the fertilizers have everything the plants need. No fert has it all. Guess that is why I mix my own. Just like I used to mix my own potting mixes. Don't do that like I used to any more. And my plants show it.

But, I usually do like Dave. Treat them all the same. Sorry JB. I just got slapped.

Crozet, VA

Hope you folks don't mind having a newcomer drop in. This is my first visit to the Propogation forum and this popped up and I read quite a bit from mid May. I see several familiar faces. Dawn, howdy has been ages and ages since we have chatted. Are the Rose Campions in the picture you posted some I sent you a few years ago? If so, so glad they look as pretty as they do. I love that plant, one of my favorites, right after Gladiolus.

Sharon ought to be home now and I am really looking forward to hearing about the trip and seeing some pictures. I met Sharon and Linda online last winter in another forum, so kind of know a bit about them. Dawn and I were friends from years ago before I took a long break from Dave's Garden and thankfully missed the separation of the groups.

I don't know jberger but am familiar with the name from some other threads I have read in the past. As for others of you, if I find myself hanging out a bit with you guys, I hope to get to know each of you a bit better too.

Most of my Dave's Garden time is spent in The Mid Atlantic Gardeners Forum or the almost dying Clean and Clutter Free forum. I recently attended a plant swap with members of the Mid Atlantic group and still have dozens of pots of goodies to go in the ground from that wonderful day. I love the people in Dave's and love the swaps they have at least annually and sometimes more often.

Lots of interesting chat going on here. Looking forward to "meeting" more you of you soon.


Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

Hi Ruby, and welcome. That is too bad about the Clean and Clutter forum dying. I lurked a bit and there were some good tips in there. Guess lurkers need to do more joining to keep things going.

We are a pretty diverse group here with East Coast, West Coast, Montana and Mexico being the North and South, and everywhere in between. Makes it very interesting due to the different climates and different types of plants.

We do stray off topic now and then and nobody gets upset. We do rub each other the wrong way once in a while but nobody takes it seriously, which makes it nice. I guess if they do, maybe they just fade away and we don't realize it, but we haven't had anyone leave so guess not. It is all in fun anyway and we all realize it.

So, just jump in anytime and even if you crosspost with someone else (post at the same time) i.e. (butt in, LOL) your post and theirs will still show up. Oh one more thing, we love pictures.

Miles City, MT(Zone 3b)

Hello to and welcome Ruby. Montana is pretty cool now have had a couple days in low 70's but then the weather got us again, has been staying in the low 50's and colder at nite. Plants are almost drowning, but not as bad as about 100 miles from here, they are underwater, and don't see a change real soon. Friends of mine are out of their house now for a couple of weeks, and they, along with their little town just got another flash flood, second one in as many weeks. Here in Miles, we are not in flood waters, but lots of rain has fallen. Even had a couple of tornados fairly close, not much damage, but still scarey. Can't do much in the yard, but at least what is there is actually GREEN!!!
ttyal Lee btw Ruby, hope you have a really good sense of humor, you may need it with this bunch, but we all love each other!!!!

Sierra Foothills, CA(Zone 8a)

Hi, Ruby, and welcome! Yes we are a diverse group, from all over the place. I live in the Sierra foothills in Northern California at about 3500' in elevation. We get snow here every year, but usually, no blizzards. This last year has been and exception as the blowing snow felled many trees in the area as well as "millions" of branches, large and small which we are still encountering, though most is cleaned up now in the acre near the house. We have 12 acres, though not all of it is usable. My husband hopes to change that with the new/old tractor he has purchased.

Then when the rain finally stops, it is summer! Where did spring go? I am with JB on that. It rarely rains in summer as it is usually hot and dry like the rest of CA in that manner. Most years we have had drought, but with the last 2 years, we are finally out of drought for now. Still, the plants will have to be watered as everything would dry up if we were to depend on rainfall.

So now I need to dash around until the heat becomes unbearable. Then I come inside and start ranting about the weather or something like that, though usually I leave that to JB as her weather is hotter, as well as others here. Now we need to visit jnette in the summer as it is nice and cool there. And instead of growing broccoli, peas, potatoes, carrots, onions and the like she wants to grow tomatoes and gardenias...go figure! I have all those growing now as we have had an unusually cool/cold spring, for the second year in a row, that I can remember. (Lee is another to visit during the summer, just bring your boat....)

Before that, I was recovering from shoulder and knee surgeries so I did not garden for about 3 years. Before that, I did not keep records. So, my left shoulder is still not fully functional, but I do the best I can as anyone who is passionate about gardening will find a way. It just takes me longer now. If I try and rush or lift too heavy things, I pay for it and the flow of work get an unscheduled interruption. I think I have learned that sometimes we will get those anyway, but when dealing with the frailties of our own aging bodies, we must allow for extra time, as the alternative will cost us even more time away from our projects.

Dave said:
....evelyn what is that silver plant i like its look. is it hardy? whats its name where do I find it?

Dave ~ It is Lychnis coronaria. A hardy biennial which is a prolific re-seeder. It loves full to part sun and will grow anywhere, but will do best in good, well-drained soil. Let me know if Dawn doesn't have any to spare... I just gave away about 100 plants to a girl who works in a nursery since the nursery owner could not take them since I no longer have a license to sell nursery stock. I wasn't trying to sell them, but I dug them out of an area in which I was designing a new garden. They did not fit in with the color scheme, but I do have them growing in other beds and wherever they planted themselves.

Dawn ~ If you have any plants to send to Dave, let us know. Otherwise I will send him some.

Whoops! UPS is here with my Bluestone order! Wow it was all 50% off! So I will be busy for a while...

Tulsa, OK(Zone 6b)

Welcome Ruby: so tell us more about yourself what do you grow? got any pics to share? we love pics.

yes JB, myself and Linda will be on and off most of the month as its headed for summer and shipping becomes impossible so we have to get as much done as possible before the 2 - 3 month break ok well its a forced break but it beats heat exhaustion which I have tendencies toward. once you get it it hits hard and very easy to set it off.

not much to say today. I got in some garden mums to propagate from so they have to be planted as well as some other stuff I need to cut and stick. I am in the process of rearranging my prop tables. It seems I will gain an extra 6 or more flats so thats good news.

well I wont be on much the next 3 days because of a trip to a very important birthday party. it seems my youngest grandbaby is turning 1. I expect we will be at the pool a lot as well as just hanging out.
I will chime in once I get back. so everyone have a safe weekend

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

JB, I keep meaning to ask you how you managed to get your Aimees on Marketplace? LOL

Pawleys Island, SC

Dave, I cannot believe that baby is turning a year old! Hope you and Kim have a wonderful time.
The heat here is killing everything. I am almost looking forward to the tropical storms and hurricanes just because we need the rain. ( no not really, but several days of rain is a nice thought and since my yard is like beach sand, it can only help the plants.)

Hi Ruby, I am glad you popped in. I think you will like it here. We are a bunch of nuts and we pick on each other a lot but it is all in good fun and nobody ever really gets mad about anything. Trust me we can all dish out as good as we get.

Dave and JB may be taking a forced break for the 2-3 months, but I won't be able to. I have big plans and lots of catch up work to do. I may not do much shipping, but there will be lots of cutting and growing going on.

Evelyn, I am drooling. What did you get from Bluestone? I have never found their 50% off sale. It is probably a real good thing though.I would go nuts.
The Lychinus Coronaria is hardy here, but I know it is warmer here in the winter than anywhere else except Katie's house.

Lee and Jnette, I definitely want to come over! Mom and I spent the day shopping first in the craft shops and then in the nurseries and I am here to tell ya, Its HOT HOT HOT! ( hey isn't that a song or something?) Tomorrow I have to work outside even if it is hot. I only bought 3 little ground covers, but I came home with lots of cuttings from Mom's house. I have also been given free reign to grow and propagate anything I want to in and from my brother's yard. Sounds like fun to me............... I have been meaning to ask, did anything survive your puppy?

Katie, Where are you this week, I haven't seen you on much and I am missing Dawn too. Where did you all go?

Sea ya, Linda

Rosamond, CA(Zone 8b)

This is the pretty Fuschia plant link

Rose Campion is the common name. Likes dry crappy soil.

Greensboro, NC(Zone 7b)

It is a pretty pink plant. :)

Just checking in. Thanks for your well wishes about my hand. The specialist was sympathetic. Just because there are no visible broken bones doesn't mean it doesn't hurt! He gave me another 2-3 weeks lifting 1 lb only (i.e. no plant work) and follow up appointment on 6/27.

Well, my gardening is suffering as will my pocket book without a paycheck. Yeah, workers' comp will kick in soon, but a percentage of my average weekly wage is still not a whole lot. :D

Keep smiling and hoping for rain - we had a tiny Tstorm this afternoon. One of my 55 gal. rain barrels filled about 1/4, but the air was sweet when all the plants opened their stomata and breathed their collective sigh of relief.

Have a good night.


Pawleys Island, SC

Dawn, I guess that is why the rose campion does so well in my yard. LOL I didn't have a clue what it was, but someone sent me some seeds in a trade and I tossed them into a flowerbed thinking I will get to them later. I never did, but I let them just grow where they would in that bed and I decided I loved them.
I got up early this morning and watered everything. It was so pitiful looking with everything suffering so much in the heat. I brought some cuttings from my Mom's house yesterday and so I will cut them to root today. I may go fill the flats and then bring them inside to work on it.
Don't know what the temps are now, but it won't be long until it is too hot to fight the bugs and the heat.
Well, it's time for coffee. then work. I am taking the brat dog to the vet today just for his check up and then I am free. Maybe I can even get in the studio for a little while.
See ya.

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Holy Cow, you were a chatty group last night. I thought when I came over to the new site I would be alone, instead I thought I was at the wrong place. First of all, may I say Welcome to our new East Coast Gal, Ruby. I love Virginia and am anxious to hear what you have growing. Send pictures.
We had a storm last night and about 1/4 inch rain. A little is better than none. This morning it is already near 80 and this day is going to be cooler. Yahoo.
I have been wanting to share with you some Iris from my collection. I am not sure if I sent you the latest. I am so busy socially i forget what I share with whom. (didn't that sound impressive?)
Don't you say a word Jenette..........I mean it. BTW What do you mean how did I manage to get the Aimees on Marketplace? Not sure I understand the question. Speaking of Aimees, there are about a dozen plants outside in full morning and part afternoon sun just hanging out and loving the humidity. I will send you a picture of one of the blooms I had out there in that area this morning.
First let me show Dave the rust and orange Iris. You saw the Maroon and gold already and by the way none of these will be old enough or ready to sell for another year. I think it was Dave that ask me.

Thumbnail by JBerger
Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Here is the Aimee. This one is on the youngest stock plant. Her blooms are smaller than the older one.

Thumbnail by JBerger
Crozet, VA

Thanks for the welcome everyone. Kind of in a hurry this morning, so won't tell too much about myself.....yet. I can get very long winded, just warning everyone. I decided to drop by the propgation forum yesterday because of a growing interest in having more plants. My hubby and I are considering trying to get some financial return on our gardening efforts. Actually, he has been attending the local farmers market for a month or so selling Day Lilies and Iris we have so many of. When I have the time I will post a picture that a neighbor took of our place two summers ago I believe. We have a hillside with over 700 Day Lilies on it and the photo shows many of them in bloom heading up our steep driveway.

Looking forward to getting to know you folks better. Again, thank you for the warm welcome.


Pawleys Island, SC

What is the deal with the Aimee's JB and Jnette? I have gardenias everywhere, but that one seems so temperamental, I am not sure I want to try it. That is a pretty iris JB. I am struggling with my iris. They look sad. I don't know whether to feed them or leave them along. Maybe they are just resting after their bloom.
Well, must finish coffee and get something done.

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Linda, you and I have the right climate for the Aimee. I think Jen has a problem with the humidity and lack of sun. Plus she and Dave are the great "plant doctors" and they put all sorts of stuff on them to make them bloom. Now I do think Dave knows what he is doing, but the other one, I am not sure. I want to see some pictures of her plants pretty darn soon.

Here is an iris that just bloomed yesterday, it is a new one and so dainty and absolutely georgeous.

Thumbnail by JBerger
Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

I am going to town and see what they are doing with my truck, plus get the chiropractor to put me together again and pick up the $10 I won on the lottery ticket. One of those scratch off babies. First win I had in a week or more. That will no doubt put me in another income bracket...later sweet people. Jb

Tulsa, OK(Zone 6b)

Good morning all: a quick note.
Jb yes i want them all ...iris's that is.

Ruby: do you have picks of the varieties or will you sell them as a mixed color. you will get mor $$$ if you know the name and color. I am partnering with a friend on the edge of town. they have 5 acres and a huge hoop house. I will be needing lots of stuff to stock the shelves and stuff for growing on for next year. I know we want to do iris, daylilies and flowering shrubs.
I know we will be doing display gardens as well as selling area's. there is a pond so we will do a couple of willows I think. its all in planning stage now but I hope to get it hammered out this summer.

My cube will be called the undergrowth gardens home of pughbears pampered perrienial's. I want to thank Jb for help with the begging part of the name and I think it was jenn that came up with pughbears pampered perrienials. I hope to have the time next week to get it going.

I will be doing cuttings all summer long as long as i have room and funds for supplies.
Have a great weekend

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)



Dem Joisey folks got nawtin on me!

Ya had to be there Dawn.

See, see, JB!! Even Linda says Aimee is cantankerous!

And JB, I only do what Dave (the expert) tells me, and here he says, and I quote: "I treat all my plants the same".

And Dawn, don't you dare kill those brugs I sent you. See JB, that's how it's done.

Sierra Foothills, CA(Zone 8a)

Quote from rubyw :
Thanks for the welcome everyone............We have a hillside with over 700 Day Lilies on it and the photo shows many of them in bloom heading up our steep driveway.

Looking forward to getting to know you folks better. Again, thank you for the warm welcome.


Ruby, How does this sound...Hillside Daylily Farm? It just occured to me when I read your description. Well, maybe that name is too limiting as I think you might be interested in growing more than daylilies. Oh, well, it was just an idea.

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Jen, what are you sniffing, snorting or drinking?????????????????????????

I realize you and Dave have been raising plants for a long time and I think you should do exactly what you decide is best for your plants.

BUT, IF THE PLANTS YOU GET FROM ME DO NOT LIVE THRU WHATEVER IT IS YOU TO WINGNUTS DO, Please refrain from complaining to me or asking me what is wrong. I do not have time to waste. I am old, set in my ways and cranky.

I do not think it wise to make fun of Joisey people. The mafia is still alive and well here if you know where to look, and they take a very dim view of being made fun of. Just because they have those stupid reality shows on TV with dumb broads and stupid guys representing New Jersey, it does not mean the rest of the State is like that. We are more like the Soprano family here in my area. We smack/kick/spit/ and if necessary after all that, shoot first. Then ask you what you wanted. That is messy at times, but it does keep you on your toes to live that way. So watch your mouth woman, I may just jump out of your "puter" and pull your hair. Doesn't that just scare the living s*** out of you?

You know that Dave, I keep telling him I do not and will not have those Iris for sale for another season, and he still keeps saying he WANTS I love him and I may have to hurt him too. I hate being the bad girl all the time.

I wanted to show you a picture of the "Dirty Dozen". Now this is an example of how tough we really are. This is a picture of some of my babies when I was raising parrots.
They are tiny "Pacific Parrotlet" chicks. The next to smallest parrot that exists. The tiny one in the middle without feathers is "Rover". He lives with me now and is a beauty. I kept him for my grandson, and he did not want him, so I still have him.

See you all tomorrow. Gotta have some wine for a change. Jen drives me to drink.

Thumbnail by JBerger
Greensboro, NC(Zone 7b)

OH! My JB by that picture I know that you are really a softie and your bark must surely be worse than your bite. What a sweet group of babies that is. And Rover - sweetest of them all. :)

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

JB, if you read your prior post, you will notice that you were the one that was joking about using "whom". So, I just made a tune out of it. That was for you, and then you don't even appreciate it. You just get nasty and threaten me with your Joisey thugs.

I have no idea what show you are talking about. I do not watch Reality shows. I have seen the Sopranoes. And you think you are Tony.

And my, my, now you are threatening poor Dave WHOM you have always professed to love. With that kind of love I sure would not like to be on your hate list.

You must have had a terrible week to be treating Dave and I like that. I don't think it is right to take it out on your gardening pals when you can't stand your lousy weather.

I do hope your weekend is better.

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

That does it Jenette, I am coming out and living with you. That way we can poke from morning until night. I can't keep up with this having to wait all night to see what you are going to do next. Don't poor Dave me. He knows where he stands with me. If he doesn't behave I will pull the plug on his pump. That will fix his little butt.

BTW Jen, don't you like my babies? Here is a picture of the Fabulous Five. These are Green Rump Babies I raised and they were all ready to be sold when they lines up like that and just looked at me. Man after hand feeding each one of them for weeks, you sell them when they are about 12 weeks old, it breaks your heart every time one leaves until you go to the bank. I was getting $200 to $300 a piece for them. Great business when business is good.

Katie: Are you o.k. I keep worrying she will get locked up at the border. Coming and going as she does.

Must get busy. Sat. is my day to putz around. Figure that one out. Hugs to all. JB

Thumbnail by JBerger
Greensboro, NC(Zone 7b)

Ohh so sweet. My mom had a blue crown conure I was in love with him. When she passed he came to live with me. He was 25+ years old. He was found outside so we don't know how old he was exactly. I died a little when he left me. I had never known how wonderful it was to have a bird. Can't do it again though - need fewer mouths to feed, not more.

Love your pics, JB. You can cuss at me all day long. ;)


Pawleys Island, SC

Jb, you can't show pics of your babies! i miss mine so much I want to cry. There is nothing uglier/cuter than a baby bird with no/almost no feathers. I have several of those pictures. My little maypop had the cutest expression of all. ( named maypop because he may pop out and bite you at any moment. I do miss them a lot.
I am ordering more strelizia seeds and starting over. The squirells shredded most of them. I may be able to save 1 or 2, but I don't know.

Amanda, JB and Jnette and even Sharon are really all softies at heart. LOL they just love taunting each other.

Jnette and Lee, I want to come visit till about october! I went to the grocery store this morning ( word to the wise: never run out of dogfood, catfood and coffee at the same time! it doesn't make for a peaceful morning in this house.) and it is already hot enough to take your breath away.
I didn't get the flats started yesterday, but I did make a new bracelet and earrings in the studio. I need to get of the computer and get some things done.
sea ya,

Crozet, VA

What a great bunch you all are. Thanks for the laughs...hope it is okay to laugh.

First off, couldn't get the picture I wanted to share to download here. I have posted it in the past so I know it can be done...will keep trying. I like your name Evelyn. So far we haven't named our place.....just home.

Dave, when the majority of the Day Lilies came to us a few years back, they were all named. Due to tags being lost and things such as that, some we are not sure of the names of. My hubby is the one who inherited and did all the work with the Day Lilies so he is much more informed than I am. When they came, his folks had a list of 279 named ones, so we have almost that many with names at least. Most are just duplicates.

Oh yeah, we grow other things too though the weather last summer really put a hampering on my gardening, too hot and so far this year looks like another scorcher in our area.

Someone please answer me to whether you all are mainly just gardeners or is everyone here mostly trying to make a few bucks with their love of flowers? Haven't read back enough to know what brings most of you here. Kind of sounds like a lot of sharing with each other, but do you sell your plants in other places? Sounds like Dave has something big up his sleeves? I would love to hear about how each of you are doing, especially business wise. Thanks folks.

Hope everyone has a very pleasant weekend. Where are you Sharon?????


Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

Good grief, lock the doors and batten the hatches!! Here comes the wicked witch of the northeast! She has this big bag with shoes, sleeves hanging out of it, a plant with a big white thing on it, and of all things, a bird on her hat hanging on for dear life!

Live with me??? Not on your life! Just turn around and go back to your hot oven Northeast! You wouldn't survive out here in this cold. You would start whining the minute you got here until everyone in the area would run you out. We have no time for whiners out here. You gotta be tough.

And isn't it something when that old cash register ca-chings how the LOVE thing flies out the window with those birds. Barney watch out!! If she finds some way to make money out of you you will be gone too.

JB, you need to take your manners from Linda. Please note that she just wants to come "visit", not MOVE IN with me.

Ruby, in answer to your question, there are both here. REAL gardeners like most of US, and then there are ones like JB who can't do anything unless it makes some money for her. Dave is following his love of plants to make a business, and Linda is just trying to find the best way to do her jewelry business and propagate and sell plants too. The rest of us just do the best we can with whatever we can given the climates to just enjoy our yards.

I have no idea how we ever found each other and got started but it takes a diverse group like this to temper the volatile JB. We just don't know what to do with her. We keep trying to send her into the enemy camp (Cubits) to explode them, but she keeps coming back kicking and screaming even louder.

Good thing there is 3 hours difference in our time zone.

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Jenette, this is for you. So you don't want me to live with you, then here: So there.The picture is below. I could not send what I really wanted to because I would have been thrown off the list. You know how close we got to that one time, we do not want that to happen again. LOL.

O.K. be nice now, Ruby an Amanda are new and I am sure Amanda, being a lawyer has seen it all, but poor Ruby. She is no doubt a very nice person and this is not the place to teach her bad things.

I am not a gardener. I have a Certified Nursery in the State of New Jersey, certified and inspected by the State to ship plants anyplace in the continental US. I propagate and sell mostly tropicals and tender perennials Therefore, I charge for almost everything I send with the exception of the people on this list who treat me with the respect I deserve. I will sell anything that is not hooked to something else, that is true, but then to survive in NJ you need to be willing to give as well as take.

In fact today I put my S10 Chev Tahoe pick up down at the end of the lane with a for sale sign on it. I was going to give it away and then my dead husband possessed it when I said I was giving it away. and it would not start. He was a Marine and extremely cheap when it came to vehicles. Never give anything away. Only time he gave anything was to the Catholic Church, but I doubt that was his ticket to heaven. He was really a wonderful guy, but he had a drinking problem. He was a very good husband and provider ,sigh. back to business, the truck.

I paid for a new starter, a new ignition control module, and a new distributor and an exorcist and now I have decided after that, I can not afford to give it away, so i am selling the darn thing. $2750 to start. It is loaded and only has 119,500 miles on it. It is an extended cab and has a cap on the back.
Worth the money because the motor is a V6 and in excellent shape. It runs like a charm and is very quiet. It is considered a classic and if I had the time I would put it up on eBay and get more for it.
I am not into selling cars. This way my SIL can deal with them. I put his phone number on the sign. lol

Must do something constructive for awhile. I do love you all................I think..............even that lady from the NW who keeps picking on me, a poor little old shy loveable, sweet, adorable................

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Thumbnail by JBerger
Las Vegas, NV(Zone 9a)

JB, your hair is longer? But your skin is looking much better. Did you have some work done?

I am a little under the weather. I paid my worker and sent him home. I went back to bed but could not sleep. Now I am either hot or cold. Must be a bug. Probably all that moisture in the air in Washington state screwed up my lungs and sinuses.

I will return later. Sharon.

PS: welcome Ruby.

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Hey, Sharon, get well soon. I need help with keeping you know who in tow. She is getting so out of hand I am about to send some of Jersey boys to WA state to smack her around a little. I am afraid for them because she could hurt them worse than they hurt her. I heard about how they had her committed and she got out and has been living a new life ever since. That does explain the duel personality she has.
If you got a bug in WA state, I think you should be sure she was not behind that.

I had a nose job and bought a wig. I think the glasses are good too. That way she does not know who I am. I think.

Today I was happily surprised to see the Royal Jasmine and the Star Jasmine ( I think they are one and the same, but depending where you get them, they choose to call them both.) the close up at night and are purple, then when they open they are pure white and what a beautiful aroma.
I have to say goodnight now. I need to have dinner and try and recover from the lashing I got from the Queen of the Dirt in WA. Or is it the Dirty Queen. Oh well, sticks and stones you know the drill. Nite all. Love you. WHERE IS KATIE? KATIE....ARE YOU O.K.
Hugs to all, JB
Oh, I forgot to tell you. If you want to see the breeding room I had at the bird farm along with some pictures of the Green Rumped Parrotlets go to my store and click on Forums. You will see Laurel Run Bird Farm Memories and it should be there. Of course all of you will find it with the exception of the lady from outer space
in the NW. She never can find anything and it is always my fault. But, I lub her. I am going to live with her. Her hubby said I can. I ask him privately and he said yes. ya ya ya

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

Ya, ya ya. You lie. Did you get it out of your system now? You put a hex on my computer and I had to go to the tech support to have them get it out. I told them about you and they said they would fix you by jinxing the truck.

Oh, BTW, give me your SIL's phone number. I will buy that little jewel. She probably turned the odometer back. That is illegal in this state. We are honest here. Just those Joisey people who would do that.

And yes Sharon, can't you see the Botox in the picture? She tried 3 times, you can tell by her tongue. It is fat. And yes, her hair looks much better than before. Must have gotten a new hair dresser. She got it caught in the drawer. LOL, like that little joke?

You must be out there on your lawn mower running thru the trees and thinking all this stuff up. Each thing you think of you have to stop and write it down so you won't forget. No wonder you can't get past the first row of trees. You probably ran over the second row so your daughter and SIL wouldn't know you didn't get it done. Cut them right off didn't you. Come on 'fess up.

You better go to Mass tomorrow and go to confession and be sure to tell them the way you have been treating me. None of this watching on TV. The lazy man's church. Get your butt out of bed and try to clean your mind and soul. I want a big apology tomorrow for the way you treated me. (I probably won't accept it, but I want it anyway.)

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

I forgot to tell you that yes, she says she is not a gardener. She wouldn't know a root from a blossom. She pretends to make holiday arrangements etc. and she puts all the flowers in the water and the roots out of the vases. Then wonders why she still has them all left.

She pretends to be hoity toity with her "certification" and her birds. Don't think she has either. All she has is that poor little dog Barney that she makes him get up every morning and pull her all over the place and then says she and Barney are out for a walk.

Rosamond, CA(Zone 8b)

I will be the latest to welcome my old friend Ruby, she is the best. I am here more than anywhere now Rubes, so glad you are here.

Columbus, OH

I found this forum searching for whether or not some of the fancy Echinaceas come true from seed, and found this thread. You guys are hilarious.

Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Welcome Celene, I hope you realize we have some very sick people on this list. No, I am not one. I am just old, fat and ugly. They laugh at my picture but that was after the botox, this one is before. It is no fun being so old and ugly. You get picked on all the time. That is why I had the work done.

And by the way Jenette is only out for the weekend. She goes back to the "home" Sunday nights. You just have to not pay attention to anything she says. Especially if it is about me. Some poor souls just loose it at times and she sure lost it. She could not bear me having my face done and being so beautiful and she is still the same ole same ole.

Morning all you other loveable people. I am going to behave today. Mass was good and I am good so today is a good day for me. I am taking cuttings of the Peaches and Cream Cactus and transplanting some gardenias. They are so beautiful, it is too bad some people just can not grow them. Or kill them.

I may come back later but I am not sure. I do not want to tarnish myself today with the harsh words of some people. Oh yes, pure is good. Love you all, even you motor mouth .

Either the moderators have all fainted or they have given up on us Jen. I can not believe they are not giving us H. for our badgering. lol

Thumbnail by JBerger
Crozet, VA

Greetings all. This seems like a very fun group. Just the type I like. I just started reading a few days ago Celene, so you and I both are the newest here it seems. I found several people here that I knew from other groups I have been involved with in the past. Good people for sure.

I had a very busy and productive day yesterday. My hubby is doing some flea markets this year selling some of the different plants we have in our yard. I have decided to do a few houseplants and send them along and see how they do. Wish me luck. Later today I am hoping to get to a store and buy some decorative pots to pot some of the plants, and others I will just leave in nursery pots and charge less for them.

I am not a person who lets a plant die if I can help it. I have rootings going at all times. I spent several hours yesterday just working on the rootings in my small garden window in my kitchen. Some of my loveliest plants are ones that I just stuck pieces in to keep them alive and magically they grew and now look realy cool with some of the combination of plants I stuck together.

Here is hoping that everyone will have a very enjoyable day. Oh yeah JB, we visit Mt. Laurel NJ usually a couple of time a year. Are you close to there?


Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Ruby, I am about 20 miles from Mt. Laurel, depending on where you are visiting. It could be closer but just have the Mt. Laurel address. I would love to see you. You keep on plugging away with your cuttings and you will have a ball. I find that when I do not have a name for something, if I joke around in the listing online, people buy it just for fun. For example, I had one I called JBs Mystic whatever it was, and people bought it. They saw a picture, but I did not feel like a real jerk not knowing the name. I was honest, I told them someone gave it to me and I did not know the name. The old story, or I lost the ID. which was no doubt the truth.
Many plants you purchase at places like Home Depot do not have IDsticks in them, so you really can not be sure if they are patented or not. That is what scares me. I do not intentionally want to reproduce some patented plant for sale.
I purchased four beautiful Easter Cactus to propagate. They were not advertised as being patented. When they arrived I found they were in fact patented in Canada so I called the distributor in Canada and ask if that was what the statement meant on the tag. Darned if it was for sure patented, now I have four plants that I can do nothing with except enjoy. Hate that. LOL Good luck to you and your selling. I am sure you will do great. Be sure to identify the plant correctly if you can. DG is very helpful with that. Later. I should not even be here, got things to do. Orders to process to ship tomorrow. Jb

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

JB, No smart assed question right now. All the roots are washed and pretty white. Can I just sprinkle a little pinch of Mychorrizae on them before I plant it? Please????

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