SOLVED: Picture of the mystery tree

Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

Hey All,
This is the picture of the mystery tree I posted about last week. Anyone know what it is?

Thumbnail by Badseed
Mansfield, MO(Zone 6a)

Definitely looks like the catalpa that grow here. In the spring is it covered with drooping white flowers? They are so pretty. If so, that is what it is.

It is definately a Catalpa' The bean pods are full of future trees' In the spring the cluster of flowers sit atop the leaves. They resemble tiny orchids,and are very fragrant' It can reach 40-50ft tall or in some cases much taller' Sis'

Noblesville, IN(Zone 5a)

Yes, it looks like catalpa to me also. I love the way the orchid like flowers smell.

Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

Thanks Y'all! Hmm, pretty flowers that smell good? I may have to borrow a piece. :)

Just get one of those long seed pods and grow some trees of your own,fast growers too,lol'

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