Virginia Creeper (Parthenocissus quinquefolia)

Elburn, IL

Has anyone been able to kill Virginia creeper by covering it with black plastic and leaving it covered for the entire summer? I also need to get rid of Bishop's weed (gout weed).

Barron, WI

I have watched this "vine" for the past 70 yrs. Recently I noticed it had died.. It had risen to the top of a 40-50 foot white oak. I took a chunk of it for a walking stick. It is 1 1/2 inch dia. and curled so it looks like a large snake. A forester just told me what he thought it was, a virginia Creeper, growing in cold, cold wisconsin

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(Zone 1)

chryan: The "Virginia Creeper" vine is so wild down here in the south, it would take a lot of black plastic to cover it ... and I still don't think that would totally kill it. The roots would probably just travel below ground to a place where there was no plastic and put up shoots. It travels along the ground, up trees and winds through our chain link fence. I cut it back when it begins to invade my flower beds or small trees that I don't want it to choke out. I love the pretty color in the fall.

Norsk: That is a nice looking chunk of vine and looks like it will be a beautiful walking stick!

Barron, WI

I am amazed it would grow to such a diameter and be so sturdy for a vine, in temps that get 40 degrees below....

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