Help with name

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil(Zone 12a)

I got this one from Japan, anyone can identify it? I will post what could be the name in Japanese next.


Thumbnail by dreamfrutas
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil(Zone 12a)


Thumbnail by dreamfrutas
Jacksonville, TX(Zone 8a)

Hi Carlos,
Welcome to the Morning Glory Forum.

Your MG is awesome and based on the leaves it is an Ipomoea nil. Possibly a Botan-Type. Let me look through my Japanese MG photos and see if I can spot anything similar. If all else fails, I have friends in Japan that I can get to translate your label


szarvas, Hungary

It's a mutant.
Probably not a name, maybe a kind of .....
May be only a number !
look at the number: 0419-0018

Jacksonville, TX(Zone 8a)

I think that is about as close as one can get to Carlos' Botan JMG

(Becky) in Sebastian, FL(Zone 10a)

Spot on, Dany! I think your eagle eye picked out the closest Q vine that it might be. Small bloom from the photo, it appears. I like the color of the leaves. Love the light yellow-green foliage, Carlos. Nice bloom as well! :-)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil(Zone 12a)

Many many thanks to all for your help!

Jacksonville, TX(Zone 8a)

You are very welcome, Carlos

Kenner, LA

Showed it to a native Japanese speaker and she believes that it appears to be part of a display and not the name of the cultivar. Usually is Japan, these kind of sayings or statements are painted/etched on stones and displayed often.

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