Kalanchoe Blossfeldiana Lighting Question

Brooklyn, United States

Hello and thank you for such great resources for gardening advice,

I just purchased a baby Kalanchoe blossfeldiana plant for my house. It has some beautiful red flowers on it, and I want it to continue to bloom nicely.

I am confused about your advice regarding how to provide short days for the plant. My Kalanchoe is a baby and it has flowers on it already. Considering this, should I still do my best to limit the amount of (filtered) sunlight it receives? I placed it on my sunny windowsill, inside my air conditioned house. Should I only place it in darkness when I want it to grow NEW flowers after having none at all, or should I always practice taking it out of sunlight at around 5 PM, in order to keep the flowers on it and encourage new ones to bloom?

I also have a mature Kalanchoe that someone gave to me. The flowers on it look like they are pretty much dying, or dead. Do you think i can revive these flowers, or are they going to inevitably die soon, and i'll have to make it rebloom? What is the best way to get the flowers to perk up?

Thank you so much,


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