Merino, Australia

Hello everyone. Its time we had a shorter path to the Tea Room. My goodness we will soon be up to 100. Have to have a party then.
Another cold but fine day yesterday. Looks like the same today. I love seeing the morning sun shining through the trees
The maggies are madly nest building. I always hang a bundle of coconut fibre on the clothesline for them. They have also started going into hubbys shed looking for wire. They seem to like his colored copper wire. Probably learnt from dear old Mumma who has gone to bird heaven. She was always asking for the wire. Only the white though. She would reject other colors and it had to be the right size too. Hubby use to cut pieces for her which she would pick up, look at, measure with her beak and either take or reject.
Most of our group here are her children and grandchildren.
Hubby has just said NZ has had more large shakes. I do feel for all those over there. It must seem never ending.
Teresa, hope all is well with you.
That liquefaction looks awful. The news showed a car sinking in the ooze.
Hello to everyone popping in. I had better go and see whats in the kitchen for you .
Stay safe.
We came from here http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1185298/#top

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Brisbane, Australia

Good morning Jean and everyone. It is lovely and sunny here this morning, but the wind is so cold and penetrating. My shoulder is protesting strongly despite layers of protection over it.

Aren't plants the most amazing things! They survive and thrive under the most dreadful conditions.

The earth is so unsettled this year. Looking at the earthquake world map, I see Japan is still getting many shocks, the ring of fire is busy, and poor New Zealand is dancing on its toes. I hope it settles down soon and takes a long rest.

Keep warm.

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Good morning everyone!

Nice to see the sun out and maybe a nice day ahead.
I feel like getting out into the garden today to do a bit of potting about.

My white Cattleya flower won the best Orchid at last Friday's Buderim Garden Club meeting. Now that spures me on too.

Have a geat day and take care Teresa.

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barmera, Australia

Good morning everyone. Boy is it cold. The sun is shining though. Marlene congratulations for your win. Beautiful orchid. Nothing seems to know the right seasons now. It must be wonderful to have all the magpies in your yard Jean. We always had pet maggies when we were kids. Not much getting done this morning. Will have to do the everyday tasks though I suppose. Might warm me up a bit. The car windows were all frosted up this morning. Can't see any damage yet. fingers crossed. The brugs in the front garden are holding up much better than I thought they would and Bucks Fizz even has more buds. Will put up a pic of some of the SH. The white Bird of Paradise has huge leaves but the broms are a bit washed out now with not so much sun. I'm sure they'll improve as it gets warmer. Must go will be back later. Colleen

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Sydney, Australia

Marlene that is one beautiful Orchid :) congratulations ! what a thrill.
So nice to have something happy to smile about on this cold grey wet and windy day.

I hope everyone is ok as specially Teresa.

Oh Colleen my white Bird of Paradise is about twenty five ft high and almost as wide in diameter so be careful where you plant it, mine looked so innocent when I planted it there at about 12inches high. Mine also has it's big huge heads getting ready to bloom. the actual clump is still recovering from the bad hail and the leaves are not looking their usual self, very ragged where they were torn up.

Too true Karen, this is the most dreadful year I can ever remember, hopefully it will end soon, can't wait for this year to be over ...it's pouring rain out there right now, we have some flooding in the lower areas again.

Take care everyone.

Sydney NSW, Australia

Hello everyone:
Well, I did pop in and post a few days ago but obviously did not ''įlick' the correct button. Yet again.

Firstly, Teresa, Thinking of you this day. Keep safe and I have to say that I, like Colleen, do not know how you stay...but home is home...please do take very good care. Think of you often.
Colleen, how do you keep going? maybe you eat your weeties for brekkie + some. Has your camera arrived? Say hello to the boys.
Chrissy, remember-take care of the carer
To everyone else..howdy and keep warm...'tis very cold here on the Central Coast of NSW...& raining...well it does not know how to stop, flooding here and further up into the Hunter Valley, (where we used to live). For the first time am thankful that I live on the 9th floor. Not yet sold but apparently there are two interested couples who will make ''an offer"( REA speak), today or perhaps tomorrow.......so will not hold my breath.

Your gardens look and sound lovely with their Winter coats. Was particularly interested in the white bird of paradise...cannot spell stril etc.etc. I was unaware that that they came in anything but orange...so have learned something else today; wish that I lived closer to have a wee chunk for my garden, (which I hope to have once the sale of this goes through).
About to make a walnut & date loaf...served with real butter and hope that you all enjoy your slice......
Off I go
Good wishes to everyone-keep warm-stay well

Sydney, Australia

Hi Anna yes the white Strelitzia is the Giant one, people often mistake it for the Traveller's Palm or even bananas.


You don't want to plant it in a small garden. :) The spectacular heads of bloom are in a blue bud and the bloom is over 2ft long.
Yes we are having a deluge here too.
Good luck with your sale!

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

i just realised,Tazzie wont be getting mail or parcels while the plane stoppage is on,.,.not good!

Sydney, Australia

Wow Anthony hope all goes well with that ...darned volcano. Lots of people stuck at various Airports.

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. The sun is out and its nearly a frost out there. Hubby says it would have been a frost if not for the bit of wind.
Anthony, I know how you feel with the lack of mail. I love gettiing parcels in the mail and when waiting for one , the weekends seem so long. Hopefully the wind will clear the ash cloud quickly and your parcels will arrive.
I saw one of those white strelitzias in a botanic garden once. It was huge. Not for my garden here.
Chrissy, remember your small strelitzia ? It has grown beautifully. Still small as they are slow growing, but has lots of new leaves.
Lots of bulbs up now and I look forward to a sea of yellow later. The jonquils are starting to flower . I see lots of buds on everything so maybe spring is not so far away.
My cuttings in the mini greenhouse I have inside the large greenhouse, are looking very green. I am hoping they all keep growing well. I have lots of seed to sow later. I must get out today and plant the californian poppy seeds. I keep trying every year to get other colors, but always end up with the orange only. I have read that they should be sown in winter, so thats what I am doing.
I have to get out and cut the berries back soon as we need to get the new fence in for them to climb on. I have to find a new jacket for Michael this year. Poor fellow is looking very ragged after standing out in all weather. A new hat too, as his old straw one is falling off his flower pot head. . ( for those who dont know, Michael is my guardian angel scarecrow)
He will have to move aside a bit when the berry fence goes up. I may buy him a plastic chair to sit on.
Hello Chrissy, Anthony, Dianne, Elaine, Pam , Karen and Colleen.
Teresa, how are you doing there ? I see even more shaking going on. We may have to get along rope and pull NZ over next to us so you are away from the shaky area.
Thinking of you every time I see the news of more quakes.
Charleen. how are you doing there ? Lots of lovely weather I hope. A big hug for Charley.
Louise, how are things in your part of the country ?
Is your garden growing well.
Pats for the girls.
I will put out something nice for you all, then get out in the sun before it disappears.
Try some of these Cream Puffs.
Colleen, one always thinks of Brian and Leisa when cream is around. Nice to have memories reawaken with simple things like that
How many of us have that happen ?
Eucalyptus and wintergreen oil = my gran.
Tobacco smoke = my dad
Daffodils & jonquils = my mum.
Abutilon flowers = a loving old neighbor
So many things will stir those old memories. I had a friend who liked to visit the cemetary and couldnt understand why I never did.
I told her that with all the memories that are in my heart and mind, I dont need to go to any place , I just close my eyes and there are all the ones I love and remember , smiling at me.
Happy gardening. Jean.

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Christchurch, New Zealand

well a few more shakes going on... not as bad as Monday thank goodness.
The men haven't been back to pull the chimney down - good thing as it freezing here!'
things looking worse for wear in place about the house, more superficial craking in the plaster & around architraves etc.
Most dramatic is the support column that was on a lean... fell off...
we don't know when - it was there after the big shakes but not any more.

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Sydney, Australia

It occurred to me after I sent it Jean that you may have some new breed there since the smaller bird of paradise grows at the foot of the White Giant one ...what if they crossed? hmmm :) Glad it is doing well, they are slow for a couple of years then they take off. Both of mine try to gobble up the garden.

Yes Jean I agree ...one thing I do too is try and take a bit of the plant from a garden to remember and fuss over ...I have the Queen of Herbs from Brian, yes I thought I had lost it but it came back and Leisa's Broms get special care now.
I hope everyone is ok ...floods all over, Sue is having problems in her property ...I hope all is going to be ok for her.
Teresa you too, hopefully things may settle down soon.
Anthony did you get your shipment?
Stay warm and safe everyone.

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rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Yes!!!-2 boxes arrived,.,.dont know how?,.i knocked off at 1 and shot out to fill the ute with potting mix,.,.i put almost 50 bulbs in today,worn out now,and it is so cold at about 3.30 when the sun says''goodbye''.,.,,.Teresa,'holy moly',if that was my place,i wouldnt be in it,.,.[we are 2 storey],theres enough cracks and crackpots here now,.,.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Good for you Anthony, Liliums don't need delays...do they!
I have to smile at your every purchase....you should be training Molly right now...you are going to need help when they all grow...

I like your reasoning, Jean....memories don't need a home.....
Lovely moon up there tonight.....

Sydney, Australia

Anyone getting up to see the Blood Moon? I think I am too tired :(

Anthony good on you :)

Sydney, Australia

(¯`ˇ´¯).ˇ´(¯`ˇ´¯)...♥ Happy BIRTHDAY ♥
..` ˇ.ˇ´(¯`ˇ´¯).....★。/|\。★ SUE hope it's amazing ! x x x

Well no blood moon here too many clouds and rain.
Oh well.
More rain to come ...so nothing much happening out there today.
Stay warm and dry everyone.

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
Chrissy, you were up earlier then I was. I have a lovely cake for Sue.
❉❥ ❦ ❧ ❃ ❂ ❁ ❀ HAPPY BIRTHDAY , SUE ❉❥ ❦ ❧ ❃ ❂ ❁ ❀
Hope lots of pretty presents ( + broms ) find their way to you.
I just hope the floods are not near you.
So terrible up there. People must wonder when things will ever dry out.
A very red sky here this morning but lots of cloud.
A fine and sunny day yesterday so I pottered around doing nothing much, but enjoying the weak sun.
Lots of green shoots on the plants now. Already I see the buds forming for the spring blossom.
The large bundle of coconut fibre I put out for the birds, has been nearly used up. There is always lots of sheeps wool hanging on the fences so they can have nice warm linings.
Anthony, you must be worn out with all that planting. It is so satisfying though , to see it all done. Now, anticipation will be the order of the day. It will be wonderful to see all the blooms later. You must put them all up on a thread then, so we can all just drool.
Chrissy, I have never seen the usual ,smaller ,orange Bird of Paradise do anything rash like the large white one. A friend had one that must have been 30 years old and it was still encircled by the old tyre it was planted in. It flowered so beautifully every year.
Dianne, thats right, the only home memories need is us. Our hearts and our minds.
How is your weather down there ? The garden must be looking green.
Colleen. You will expecting lots of cacti flowers this year. Can you find them among the brugs ?? lol
You must be excited with all those plants to bloom later.
Hello Teresa. I see there were even more shakings going on in NZ. I hope your house doesnt suffer any further. I'm glad you are safe though. Houses can be rebuilt, people cant. Poor Copper must be a nervous wreck.
Hello Pam, Elaine and Karen. I hope all your aches etc are feeling a lot better.
Hello Charleen, we are missing your smiling face in the Tea Room. A big hug for Charley.
Louise are you busy in your garden ? Hope all is well with you and Hank there. Hugs for the darling girls too.
Better go and see to hubby. Poor thing has a cold.
You know what men are like with the sniffles ...
Have a lovely and safe day everyone. . If you are good. Sue may share some cake with you.
Happy day, Jean.

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Clear skies here, but a very thick fog covered them all up...all I could hear was a ship's fog horn...so no blood moon for me...darn it...
It was very clear early and the moon was huge..
Terrible floods in NSW.....hope the rain eases soon...

A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SUE.......have a lovely day.

Off to see Bridesmaids today...

Have a good one everyone..

You make the best birthday cakes, Jean...save me a bit, please.

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rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

flower show meeting tonight,[daff show isnt far away],and im lagging on my part of the promo side[been busy]but it will get done,.,.adios

Sunshine Coast, Australia

Hello everyone!

I spent a nice day in the garden.
Planted a new Salvia that I purchased on the weekend.

Salvia 'Coconut Ice'

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Sydney, Australia

Elaine I was looking at this and thought of you ...I hope it works, you will love it I know ...I think it's stunning!


If it does not copy and paste to your browser

Everyone would enjoy it I think.
A pop up form for comment will pop up just ignore and scroll up ...this is a garden built with love up on a French Roof Top ...it's so beautiful.

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Christchurch, New Zealand

I am on nights this week & when I left home the builders (unbuilders) were just getting started.
they disconnected our pellet fire first, freezing cold night predicted, just what we need.
We popped down to the mall - thankfully open again after being closed for clean up after the quakes on Monday.
Saw a 9 fin oil filled column heater for $99.99... thought that seemed ok so picked it up - got to the checkout to pay - $50.00 thank you :)
bonus! love the Warehouse for putting heaters on special right when we need them.
Anyway got home at 11.30pm & could see a big pile of blocks on the lawn.
Will have to take progress pics tomorrow morning.
My sister wants me to move to the North Island, but really the chance of an earthquake up there is just as much as it was here in ChCh.
NZ is right smack bang on the fault line between two plates so anywhere can be hit with a quake at any time...
might as well stay here where I know my house is solid - chimney excepted - and where I work is like a bunker.
Hubby's work is holding up well too - good thing as they have heaps of work on order, they make hydraulic manifolds, mostly for Aussie mining & some forestry companies.
Both industries are doing well so have lots of equipment needing hubbys good work.
And my brother & his family are here, so is Mum & her lovely hubby...
tempting as it is some days when after shocks just keep on coming I am not inclined to leave just yet :)

Coffs Harbour, Australia

Theresa, you have the shakes and we keep wetting ourselves! Sounds like alzheimers eh? Thanks for the birthday wishes. Its been a good day with lots of yummy food and nice people saying nice things. I couldn't ask for more. happy gardening you lot. I just wish i had more time to chat, but my warm bed is beckonning!

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Hope you had a grand day Sue. Best birthday wishes to you.

western sydney nsw, Australia

THANKS Chrissy ------elaine.

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. I got sidetracked on the way here. I really should come in and open the Tea Room before wandering around all the other posts.
Chrissy, I love the garden on the roof. So much work and you can see the love and care that went into it.
Elaine , does it give you ideas. I can picture you climbing up on your roof lol..
Hello Anthony, have a great time at the meeting. Lots of plans being made for the upcoming show.
Very pretty salvia, Marlene.
I see no birthday cake left in the kitchen so Sue must have eaten it all. Hope your day was dry Sue.
We had rain overnight but its gone now. Great for the pot plants.
Teresa, you are right . It is most likely just as safe where you are, as anywhere else in NZ. You know now how your area reacts with the shakes and you have loved ones close.
Hello Dianne. Hope your day out was enjoyable.
Hello colleen, Pam and Karen.
Hello also to Louise and Charleen.
I am going out for a quick walk around the garden to check on all the plants and give them growing instructions.
I expect big things from them in spring. My hellebores are flowering now so I must keep a watch on the self sown seedlings to see what flowers I get.
Keep safe and dry everyone . Enjoy this lovely Sponge Cake with a nice cuppa.
Happy day

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Sydney, Australia

good morning all ...the nurse is on the way so I will pop back in later ...yay! the Sun ...I see the Sun :))))

western sydney nsw, Australia

Chrissy I see it and feel it so nice to be able to play out side again.

Jean looks like my roof garden is in for a make over starting with pepples on the pots.---elaine.

Thumbnail by sammut
Merino, Australia

Please be careful Elaine. Make sure you get some one to get things down for you and also to put them back when you finish your projects.

western sydney nsw, Australia

Jean then I looked at the top I remembered the pots are in a wooden frame then bolted on to the roof so they could not blow down thate project is on the burner for now , at this time working on pots then 4th. guitar to do .
Nice to see the sun BUT a cold wind is blowing .-----elaine

Thumbnail by sammut
Sydney, Australia

Ho Elaine gosh no doubt about you is there :o) I can't go out in that cold wind we have missiles flying around here, the wind is way too cold and way too fierce.

You can do that on pots in your garden ...please don't be getting up on things. That makes me nervous.
I loved the sea shells too didn't you ...I wonder if you can get some sort of thingy that lets you make your own cement ones, many years ago I made some of those shapes in rubber things ...so long ago I can't remember where I got them , mail order I think ...made lots of plaster of paris models of snow white and the seven dwarfs etc for my sisters.
Any one know?

Getting back to your pots ...they look great but don't overdo ...I loved the succulents all mixed up with the stones and seashells ...I will do some sort of project come Spring- it has inspired me. Nothing very grand just one little perfect area.
Perhaps mud brick with the shells and pebbles imbedded, loved those columns but no ladders for me.Sigh dreaming of Spring already.
Cabin Fever here :)

western sydney nsw, Australia

Chrissy I' m sure the molds were made from Latex I think the Latex was painted or sprayed over whate ever you wanted to make dryed over night then removed like a glove could be used doz. or more times -----elaine

Sydney, Australia

yes Elaine you laid them in sand and poured it in, must look it up.
that darned wind is howling through the she oaks making such a loud freaky noise ...hate the wind but the noise is cool.
I hope you are all tucked up nice and warm.

Sydney, Australia

I found this Elaine, I like this idea and many others on here
Looking forward to trying some of this.

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
Very cold and raining here. The plants needed more rain, but I can hear those weeds laughing.
Elaine, you are one busy lady. Its good to know you have lots of things to do on the ground. We dont want you tackling anything off the ground. You could make lots of pretty things with shells.
Chrissy, I remember having small molds for things when I was young. They were for things like Snow white, Mickey Mouse etc. One filled the rubber ? mold with plaster of paris , then painted when dry. They were still around when my kids were small.
I would love to do a few larger things for the garden. I keep telling hubby that I will make a few creatures , but never seem to get around to it. Maybe this summer.
I have a few flowers around made of old radiator fans . Must repaint them . Various things made with corrugated iron. That got too hard with my arthritis. Bird houses sitting around . Things hanging here and there.
Hubby has been giving me circles of aluminium as he cuts holes out for his amplifiers. I have one lot hanging and am gathering a new lot. I may spray them later. I used to use cheap glitter nail polish as pretty effect but havent seen any lately.
Hello Colleen, Dianne, Pam, Karen, Teresa, Anthony, Charleen and Louise.
I am off out to the greenhouse to soak a brick of peat. I use it in lots of mixes for various plants and it is just right for mixing with perlite as a mix for brug seeds and cuttings etc
I hope you all have a bit of lovely weather for a change.
Enjoy the day if you can.
Have some of this yummy Fruit Cake with a nice cuppa.

Thumbnail by 77sunset
western sydney nsw, Australia

I am sure I have seen the shells in craft shops to do a small area would not need a lot . Iam more interested in the pots covered in pepples -river stones more sun to day no wind here.----elaine,

barmera, Australia

I'm here for my fruit cake Jean. Good morning. Gee it's been cold over here. If one could get in the sun it was fine but inside and in the shade was freezing. Sorry I haven't been in for a few days but have been really busy. My neice from QLD came and saw me the other day. She has taken some 2' cuttings back with her of RFP, Elfin Pink in memory of Brian and a piece of Clementine. I expect to hear her in Spring when she gets her first flowers. My sister in QLD lives on the same property so they will be able to enjoy them together. Great to see you at it again Elaine. I think the key to life is keeping one's self busy. Good for the brain as well as the old body. Had a bit of a circus here the other night at about 6 o'clock. Branden was getting himself a frozen yoghurt. He cut the top off with a small pair of scissors and then tried to cut down the side so that he could peel the foil back. Weeeeelllllllll. The scissors slipped, and stabbed him right inbetween the thumb and forefinger. He bled like a stuck pig. Blood was everywhere. He was screaming, Cameren was running around the lounge just about doing cartwheels and saying, "he's gonna die, he's gonna die." I couldn't stop the bleeding so I just wrapped his hand in a towel and headed for the hospital. The nurse finally got it to slow down, but every time she took her finger off the pressure point the blood would bubble out again. Well he had 2 stitches and I brought him home and gave him some Panodol and off to bed he went. The next morning he was fine until he sneezed and then it started to throb. I gave him another dose of Panodol and wasn't going to send him to school, but ofcourse he wanted to go. He was the centre of attention for the day. All's well now. Fun and games for a while though. Well hope everyone is well and you all have a wonderful day. Be back later. Colleen

Clifton Springs, Australia

Oh, Colleen....the poor kid..It wouldn't help with his brother dancing around saying that he was going to die..
It's very frightening when you can't stop the bleeding...
Accidents happen when you least expect it, don't they.

Cold here too, might pot up a few things before the football starts....

Jean, what % do you mix the peat and Perlite?..I have a brick just sitting here, I forget why I bought it..
I was tempted to buy another little plastic SH from the Reject shop...I love this little one..
They are talking about a new Strawberry called Big Sweetie on the garden show this morning, it crops in Spring and Autumn...sounds good
I have Lowanna, beautiful and sweet, but it's a late cropper....might try the new one too.


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rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

dianne,i have a lilium called 'lowanna'-[aboriginal for'woman']-that too is a beautiful sight!..,.im still potting up lilium bulbs and i have to do another talk on growing liliums on wednesday for the garden club,..,Chrissy,ive done the scissors through the finger trick,while cutting a cardboard template,..,Dr Brendan Nelson sewed me back together,.,.i better get some tucker and hit the pots and soil-Anthony

Merino, Australia

Colleen. My son hit his head on a brick corner when young . He too, bled like a stuck pig. Luckily my SIL was there with husband. He just grabbed the pepper shaker and put a handful on the cut. It apparently clots the blood so stopping the bleeding. Handy to remember for cuts. He apparently was brought up in the bush where those old remedies were common.
Not sure how good it would work on anything bad but it sure did the job back then.

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