aqua stakes

Spring Creek, NV

Can begonias be maintained with something like aqua stakes for a couple of weeks, or would they be too wet? Is it better to risk having them get too dry? Thanks for any help.

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Tough question. Depends on a lot of factors - soil, plant size and variety, environment (sun, shade, hot, cool), clay pot or plastic, root bound, etc, etc. You could experiment for a few days (shouldn't hurt it too badly) and modify as you see fit. Same principle applies to timed irrigation (too wet then move the plant further away, too dry then move it closer to the water source, etc).

Spring Creek, NV

Good idea to experiment. They are small houseplants in 4 and 6 inch clay pots. I might try sealing them in ziplock bags.

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