Evergreen clippings for between Iris beds?

McGregor, IA(Zone 4b)

I am growing my irises on raised beds, with sloping sides that I try to keep free of weeds. The areas between beds are what I am thinking of using some kind of mulch on so I can work easier than in mud or dirt. Would this hurt the irises? Do slugs avoid evergreen mulch?

Greensboro, NC(Zone 7a)

I don't know if slugs don't care for evergreen mulch. Maybe use the evergreen mulch but first sprinkle with a good layer of builders sand (lowe's or home depot w/ the concrete mixes).

This is good info too--no pesticides just basic stuff:


Gainesville, TX

pine needles are great around the iris, just not over the rhizomes

Vail, AZ

I would be careful not to get too much acid in the soil. Iris lick neutral Ph.

McGregor, IA(Zone 4b)

True - but this is just something to walk on. My compost additions come with lime in it from the cowyard, so I am not too worried about acid soil!

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