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Waiting for my flowers

im so excited for my flowers to show this year! im waiting but not patiently! i cant hardly wait!! i love growing lotus!

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Central, AL(Zone 7b)

My first wave of blooms just subsided. I'm camping out here waiting to enjoy those will bloom in your water garden. :)

Thank you! Its been a long time comming! This is their second year so finally I'm hoping I'll see the flowers! Last year I grew these lotus from seed and over wintered them in a small pond! I had others but I overwintered those in pots and lost them :( but these made it! This year I made two bog ponds just for lotus! I live in a microclimate its zone 9a so its between 9 and 10. After two years of nuturing these plants I can hardly wait for my flowers!

Fredericton N B, Canada(Zone 4a)

I'm still waiting for some decent leaves.I have one very small sickly leaf showing.I ran two pond warmers all winter to protect mine.I think it isn't getting enough sun.We have waited for a month to have a large maple taken down.The weather has been too wet for them to do it.It is very close to the power line.They will have to climb it as it is impossible to get a cherry picker into our back yard.I'm so anxious to get some sunlight on my garden!! JOY

Yes I understand how you feel! Its hard to be patient . This last year I lost all the lotus over the winter that were not placed into the bog pond. That left me with only two. You can imagine how excited I was when I saw those first leaves emerging! I'm sure as soon as you get your situation fixed with the shade problem in your yard your lotus will come up and be beautiful for you this year! I can understand how frusterated you must be! But soon it will be taken care of and then your lotus will come back for you.! I wish you the best and please post some pictures when your lotus comes up so we can see it! I'm sure it will be beautiful! :)

Central, AL(Zone 7b)

Joy, I think your assessment of the sun requirement for the blooms is spot on. I've a koi pond in the shade, not one of my lily ever bloomed there. So when I started on the Lotus. I positioned them in an erea where they get lot and lot of sun--with success.

my koi pond is in the shade this year because i built a pergula over it and ALL of my lillies are blooming right now. ive already gone through there first flowers now im on there third and fourth flowers! lillys and lotus are very different. although my lillys bloom like crazy in the shade, the lotus does require at least six hours of direct sun in order to thrive.

Thumbnail by realsis
Central, AL(Zone 7b)

Realsis, where are you located? Which zone?

hi i am located in zone 9a. so i believe its a microclimate in its self. my area is in california but in a desert area. we get summer tempatures of 110 and sometimes above! its very very warm here. we do get winters but we usually do not get below 32 degrees, although sometimes we might get a dip for a night or two. its usually warmed back up to at least 70 again in Febuary, although we have had an unusually long winter this year. perhaps this is the reason ive had such great sucess with my water lillys? i usually just leave them in the pond all winter long and in spring the begin to emerage again on there own! i make sure and feed them well in the summer and the cycle begins again. :)

what zone are you located in ??

Central, AL(Zone 7b)

See below my moniker? That's my zone. :)) 7b, and sometime, I can grow some hardy subtropical plants. They make it here until an unusual cold winter likes last one. I've family out there in Sacramento. Ca. is beautiful, I'd like to revisit sometime soon.

hi. im about 750 miles from sacramento -ca. i live closer to hollywood. in the san jauquin vally. we have a little micro climate here. its not unusual for summers to reach 113 during the day! yep its hot here! :)

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