What the hail!?!?

Tiffin, OH(Zone 5a)

Help! We had a 20 minute downpour of pea sized hail yesterday. My glass greenhouse survived but my poor waterlillies look like they were run over by a mulching mower!
Has anyone else had this experience? If so what did you do? As I see it my only options are to leave them all tattered and torn (and looking pretty much like crap) or cutting all the foliage off and hoping they come back. My fear with that is that we have had a sand crane hanging around and I fear for my Koi's lives without the leaf cover to hide under.

In addition I have newly blossomed lillies in the garden that have the petals shredded, a bunch of tattered Canna and some hosta damage too. Any large leafed plants took the brunt of it- even the romaine lettuce!!

One of the storm sewers got clogged with blown down leaves and my husband was out on the curb trying to clear it with a rake since the street was under water. We live on a city street that is two lanes wide, both westbound. It is a state highway and the (sorry) idiots coming down the street were running about 35-40 mph and driving one-handed and yapping on their cell phones with the other. When they hit the flooded part the water was going 10 feet in the air and drenching him. The flooded area was two houses down from ours but he could see the overflow running between the houses and right into our neighbors garage, so he felt he should do what he could. I was worried about one of those cars going out of control and hitting him!

Ocoee (W. Orlando), FL(Zone 9b)

For some odd reason I think just about everyone, in every state, is getting hail this week/month. With the water lilies, trim the most damage leaves, clean out any floating debri, but leave the inner most leaves to protect the newly sprouting ones. The weather is warm enough for it to sprout new leaves rather quickly.

what i do when my lillys get tattered for whatever reason is i go ahead and remove the tattered growth. this has worked out well for me and the lillys usually come back even more lush. however if you fear that your koi will be exposed to the preditors then id just leave the tattered growth. im sure they will regenerate and be beautiful! this weather has been so strange! although i did not get hail i got a strange cold spell. i live in a very warm area of california zone 9a and its more of the desert area. we get as was as 110 degrees in the summer so the cold was strange! hang in there and im sure the lillies will do fine! good luck! :)

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Tiffin, OH(Zone 5a)

Thank you,MerryMary and Realsis, for your advice. We cleaned up what we could of leaf pieces floating in the pond, took off some of the worst leaves and will give them a few weeks to "recover. I may "de-leaf" them one at a time so I will always have some cover for the fish.
Don't know where to start with the Hosta and other big leaf plants but that is a subject for another forum.
Thanks Again, MWhit

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