Using Farm Fertilizer for Roses

Wauseon, OH(Zone 5a)

I would like to know if one can use farm fertilizer for roses?

Would you get the same results as Rose Fertilizer?

What analysis would one get?

Is there any draw backs in using farm fertilizer?

Richmond, TX

The fertilizer we use on our farm is either a 13-13-13 or 20-0-0. Neither is likely to be the correct balance for roses on a regular basis.

Toledo, OH(Zone 5b)

10-10-10 is a general purpose fertilizer for all plants, so if you had something close to that it would be just fine. I use a 12-12-12 for my plants about a 1/4 cup per bush. Other than that I most likely wouldn't use it. I don't know anything about farm fertilizer.

Wauseon, OH(Zone 5a)

I can get 12-12-12 or 15-15-15 for $17.00 for 50 lb.

An I have 6-24-24 that I use for all fruit and bulbs in my garden.

My understanding is 6-24-24 is for vegetables grown for fruits, seed, roots, or bulbs, you can use 8-16-16 and 6-12-18 also.

For leafy vegetables you use 12-12-12 or 15-15-15. So is a Rose leafy?

To me you would want to use 6-24-24 to promote the flower of the rose not the growth of the rose?

Toledo, OH(Zone 5b)

If you think you can use 50lb in one year, that's a good price. Even if you don't use 50 lb that's a good price. You can also use a bloom booster if you want to. The higher middle number for bloom booster. You can spread the fertilizer around all your plants that like to be fed.

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