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Question about montana Aureomarginata

Long Island, NY(Zone 7a)

I recently ordered a montana Aureomarginata to add to my garden. I already have one that is a few years old, but did not want to divide it.

I noticed today that the new one looks nothing like my older plant. I didn't seem to realize or notice this when I first planted it, and I bought it from a reputable online company who I use ALL the time and am quite happy with. I wonder if I was sent the wrong plant by mistake, or if maybe this is one of those hosta that tends to change as it matures. ???

The leaves of the new plant are solid green with a thin gold margin--a glaring difference from the very wide margin it is supposed to have (sorry, no picture to post today). Some of the new leaves emerging from the center look like they *might* have a slightly wider margin but even so, it still looks nothing like my more mature specimen.

Is this something common to this particular hosta, or do you think I may have gotten the wrong one?

Pleasant Grove, UT

Hard to say but often a new start or young plant does look different from a mature plant. You may have to wait and see. Here is one of my montana A

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Pleasant Grove, UT

My second plant of montana A.....

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Solon, IA

MAM is a variety that does have a very narrow edge as a juvenile plant. It is also one that is somewhat variable as a mature plant. Unless your new plant is 2-3 years old, it is almost certainly MAM, and will mature into a beautiful plant. This is one of my top 10 favorite hostas, even though it's been around a long time. It's just spectacular in the garden at maturity, looks good all season, comes up early, and is always eye catching. It's not the fastest grower, but well worth the wait.

Long Island, NY(Zone 7a)

Paul, that's how my first montana A looks, and it's about 2 or 3 years old.

dhaven, I'm happy to hear it has a narrow edge when young. I'll wait and see how things look in a year or two. It really is an eye catcher when it has its proper coloring. I love my older one, which is why I bought the 2nd.

Solon, IA

Karen: WARNING!!! This hosta is addictive! I now have around 35-40 MAM, ranging in age from 2-15 years. Of course, I sell a few hostas every year, so that number will dwindle, but I just added a large new area to my garden, about 95 x 115 feet, and one of the things I'm putting in that area will be a large curving swath of MAM, backed by some Blue Angels. And I bought them wholesale as tiny little starts, about two inches tall, so they were fairly reasonably priced. Still, it seems excessive, even to me. It is fun to watch a batch of 20 mature, though--they are rather variable, and I'm always checking to see if there is one that's different enough to be considered a sport. So far I have one solid yellow and two with distinctly wider margins, but until they are mature it's hard to tell if those two will still be different enough to call sports. The solid yellow is, unfortunately, a very slow grower even for a Montana, so not worth introducing, but I will certainly enjoy it in my own garden.

Wyoming, MN

I too like montana. I have a collection of 9 different forms. I have 3 MAM. I also have a number of green montana seedlings which are fun to watch as they mature. one is a dull yellow color and stands out from it's sibs.

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