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Begonia trade

San Antonio, TX

Interested in begonia growers able to trade for postage. Restarting my garden after a spell with depression brought on by the death of my mom and younger brother. My entire garden died down to the grass. After therapy and medication my passion for gardening is the only thing thats helping me get back to normal so would appreciate anyone's help. Thank you in advance.


Irving, TX

I also struggle with depression and after a hospital stay and some help from the doctors I feel better than I have for years. Keep me in mind this fall. I will have extras to share. At least I could send you some leaves to propagate with. It is so much fun. Take care of yourself

Christiana, TN(Zone 6b)

I have put this thread in my 'Trades' folder. I have other trades I'm taking care of now but I will be glad to send you some plants when I can. Check my have list. I also have some that aren't listed there that I can root and send.
My garden helps keep the 'black dog' away also.

San Antonio, TX

U guys are "AWESOME"!! I will be sooooo- looking forward to hearing from you again. BlackDog?? Never looked at it that way but yeah I can see that.....

Christiana, TN(Zone 6b)

That's what Winston Churchill called it.

Conway, NC

I too have days.... gardening like an idiot in this hot summer somehow helps.
Hey, have you ever looked at any carnivorous plants? I got off on this tangent earlier- not just the old regulars- there is some really NEAT stuff out there, that co-exists happily with begonias, same culture, etc. perhaps a different soil mix, but not extremely
go look up byblis linifolia. Wow.
and all the sundews, they are neat too.
do you know, they are said to like chocolate?
keep chugging along, you will one day come to a break in the clouds...

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