anyone use coco husk chips in their potting mix?

Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

i know im probably overthinking this..ive had great sucess with growing my EE's.. started with good
plants first off.. thanks brian williams,lari ann ,others !!!
my question is on using coconut husk chips mixed into my garden mix (planted outside)
where i plant my EE's and bananas for that fact.. i ammend my good soil with perlite, my own compost, coco coir..
all of the reading i do of course stresses importance of excellent drainage..
so i was thinking.. maybe mixing in coco husk chips in areas as well..
what do ya all think???
thanks much..
trying to grow some HUGE plants !!!!!
arent we all..

Louisville, KY

I have tried it in the past but I have heard a lot of complaints about it rotting and causing rot once it is to wet and old. I use a very odd mix which has 1 part promix 1 part peanut compost husk. and 2 parts Styrofoam pellets. I found this mix works perfectly for growing plants fast in containers. It requires regular watering and feeding due to the sytrofoam draining fast and lack of nutrients.

Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

thanks brian.. you certainly work on a big scale.. huge compared to my scale..:)
even though im constantly adding very cool plants to my collection as they become available..
i dont mind the frequent watering.. i dont have a any of us.. lol
with our aroid friends..even bananas.. really good drainage seems to be critical...
im guessing thats why ..even aroidia group has come up with their own fabric pots.. for the really good
areation for the roots..??? yes???
thanks so much brian..and especially your major contribution and passion for these plants and
better info on their cultivation !!!!!!!

Miami, FL(Zone 10a)

In my work I stay away from any ingredients that can decompose in the pot over time. Many of the local nurseries use mixes that include sawdust or wood chips; this is a big no-no for many aroids as rotting and fungal growth are guaranteed in mixes such as these. Also, the rotting process uses up nitrogen, which makes fertilization less efficient for nutrient delivery to the plants you are trying to grow.

I also stay away from styrofoam because it floats, meaning it will accumulate on the surface of the pot and escape the pot over time if you water by hand and disturb the soil enough to allow it to surface. It also is totally artificial and not at all biodegradable, so once it gets away, you'll find it all over the place for a very long time!

My preferred mix is washed Perlite, composted pine bark and ProMix BX, mixed in a ratio of 3:4:2 by volume. For extra sensitive aroids (like the "jewel" Alocasias), I plant in the Superoots Air-Pot for superior root aeration.

Aroidia Research

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Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

wow.2 great responses from 2 people i highly respect!!
much thanks ...
ive been looking for larger pieces of volume..not just couple gallons..
this yr my potted up EE that i started in winter.. i cut holes on sides of pots to aid in
air circulation to roots..
i havent had troubles..just thought thru arguement of better aeration to roots the better..
i think i do want to improve my current potting mix.. more large sized perlite..and some composted bark..
im taking lari ann ..and brian.. maybe i'll stay away from adding coco husk chips.. as my "bark" addition..
i do use coir in my mix.. it retains water pretty good...
i'll have to check out "ProMix" im sure i'll have to order it.. havent seen it around here...
lari ann..your robodoras are doing great btw... i have 2 new leaves on both now..
much thanks !!!!

Florence, KY(Zone 6a)

Tropicalnut777 if you are planting in soil my suggestion is to look for a product called pine fines. This product is used in professionally managed landscapes. One of my mentors is Steve Foltz of the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens, and they truck in Pine fines from North Carolina to use in amending the clay soils. The botanical gardens of the Cincinnati Zoo are world recognized and boast the largest Spring Tulip display with over 93,000 Tulips planted each year. I have used coir in my indoor banana program with TC bananas, with good success.


Provo, UT(Zone 5a)

thanks ueber.. im moderately new to growing bananas and EE.. in college i had a greenhouse with staghorn ferns and 100s of
orchids.. lol.. where i found time to do studying i dont know..LOL
anyways.. im always looking for mentors..or good advice from experienced growers..
i really respect and appreciate all the work that lariann and brian are putting in to the aroid world.. they ROCK !!!!
i'll have to do search on "pine fines"...
i have good soil..but im always open to a better way to grow my bananas and EE..
cant do anything about the weather..unless i move to the south.. LOL :)
thanks again ueber !!!!!

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