Why are white habs such wimps versus the sun and heat?

Indio, CA

Right now I have over 15 pepper varieties growing, including red and orange habaneros, and I haven't had much difficulty establishing any of them except my white habs. I just got finished transplanting a Royal Black, Bolivian Rainbow, and 2 Chile De Arbols in the 105 degree heat, and those took just fine(after being topped with a clay pot for 3 days). I have tried 2 different varieties, one of which is the White Bullet from Eco Seeds.

They germinate fine, the problem arises when I put them outside, or not long after sprouting. They quickly wilt and die. I have tried since April starting them in the ground, transplanting more mature plants, putting them in full sun, partial shade, full shade, different containers and soils, covering them up during the initial transplant stage, and various watering schedules.

I have lost about 20 plants and I am down to my last 10 seedlings. Any advice?

Liberty Hill, TX(Zone 8a)

That's strange I was just thinking how well my White Habs are doing. They are in a container but our temps have been the same as yours and really windy. I have noticed that the white and choc habs take longer to get going then other peppers when planted in the ground, but they eventually catch up.

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