can you smell it!

Hazelcrest, IL(Zone 5b)

I walk back and forth in front of my gardenia tree just to get waft of the fragrance. I love it.

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Brooksville, FL(Zone 9a)

you really make me long for the days that I could smell. Gardenia was one of my favorites. But alas since 2 sinus surgery I no longer have any smell.... After I first lost it my garden buddies at the time would always forget and when I was visiting their gardens they would say come here, come over here, check out this smell....

Funny thing is it has been 3 years since I could smell anything and I can't bring to mind what anything use to smell like...

So I will just take heart in the fact that this use to be one of my favorite smell and just enjoy the beautiful opening bud you have shared.


Wrightstown, NJ(Zone 7a)

Hello darkeyes,
YES, I can smell it. What kind of Gardenia is it? I propagate/raise and sell Gardenia Aimee Yoshioka. I have both the standard and the regular plants and they are all blooming. I just sit and sniff.............then when I have my fill of that I go into the greenhouse and smell the " Maid of Orleans" Jasmine, which I also propagate and sell.
I have this thing for fragrance in plants. There is a gardania called the African Gardenia and it has the nicest fragrance. The flowers are tiny , even smaller than Jasmine but they are just beautiful.
This is a bloom on one of the two year old plants I have for sale. I kept 12 of them to prune into standards (trees) and when they all have blooms at the same time. Wowl Almost knocks you over. These flowers will get larger as the plants get older.
It is so nice to find people who enjoy the same plants. Have a wondeful day. JB

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