Whatcha addomg to your garden this year?

Greensboro, NC(Zone 7a)

I stopped myself from jumping in when the sites and catalogs started arriving earlier this season but I did bump into a few members selling off divisions here and there so of course I've got some coming soon:lol: I lost quite a few over the past season or two due to some lack of garden care/health related things but I'm feeling good and redoing the bed and going heavier w/ the iris.
I just ordered from Suttons:

Eagle's Spirit
Piccadilly Circus
Comic Opera
IB Line Drive
SDB Jelly Belly

I shamelessly adored their newbies for 2011 in the comments area on the order form: Cold Fusion, Edge of the World, Orange Toffee and Vanilla Frappe:lol: So pathetic.

Others coming soon:
SDB Death by Chocolate
SDB Raspberry Jam
IB Sopra Il Volcano
Candy Apple Classic
Doodle Strudel
Eyes Right
Navaho Jewel
Polvere di Stella
Sheer Ecstasy
Lingering Love
Orange Popsicle
IB Double Your Fun
Envy of Dresden
Endearing Charm
Scottish Reel
Candy Clouds
Queens Circle
Italian Ice
Jane Troutman
Jurassic Park
Raging Tide
Dancing in Pink
Designer Label
sdb Gnu Generation
sdb Nassau Blue
sdb Sitting Pretty
Picture Show
Sky and Sun

OMG--didn't look like that many spread out on different pages in my notebook!! Mostly singles but doubles on a few I liked alot. I plant them in containers as well on my back patio.

Albany, NY(Zone 5a)

That's a huge list! :) but they'll be happy in a good home!
I'm hoping to add as many as I can since we have a new house, brand new garden! While everyone can list their favorites and I can check them out, maybe someone can tell me the best time to plant and some good places to start!
And likewise if anyone is ridding themselves of some I'll gladly pay postage! ;)

South Hamilton, MA

Our extra irises go to our club sale. Are you a local iris society member? Perhaps the locals have a sale. Look around for a garden club, although they often have sales in the spring. Remember some median irises will bloom while you are waiting for your Tall bearded ones.

Albany, NY(Zone 5a)

No, I'm new to gardening, well to gardening in a large scale. Finally subscribed here at DG. I love irises, but know very little about them. Just looking to see what everyone else is planting, and get some pretty ideas in mind when it's time to shop. :)

Melfa, VA(Zone 8a)

I started late collecting irises, due to not having a place for them and not living in the place for a long time. I have lived here for 16 yrs though, but the irises did do poorly (not enough light I think), I mostly just had ones my dad had been growing for me. His irises started out being for me when I was in a position to take them, but he got the fever, too. Not in colors, just a few different ones, but there were plenty when I got situated here. Actually there were so many rhizomes they filled the trunk of my car!!! As I was going down the road to our house that day, I stopped by neighbors houses that did at least some flower growing, and left a large brown bag of the on their porches. They probably never did know where they came from.
Well. 3 years ago, I really started irises after we built our new house (yes, 3 years and we still haven't completely moved in!!!)
The irises I planted there have grown so well I really can't believe it. I actually have irises for once that need to be divided with over 15 rhizomes! Large ones at that, mine had always been pitiful compared to them.
I am now interested in making a large bed as a HIPS bed. I have been collecting mostly historics 1950 and older and some of the newer ones, too.
Bryce Canyon
Silk and Honey
Drinks At Sunset
Cimarron Trail
Prism View
Afternoon Delight
April Jewel
Halloween Halo
Rainbow Room
Lady Byng
Tea Rose
A couple more from the HIPS sale...will have to look those up
And a couple of other orders from different places I will also have to look up.
But I have been very good so far. I have a couple of trades for irises that have not been settled yet.
I have NO room left until we get that new bed in. The part of that we started this year...I planted part of a veggie garden in! LOL!

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