Any opinions on Sony a390?

Walkerton, VA(Zone 7a)

Anybody have experience with this camera? The price sure is attractive, and the reviews I've read aren't bad for an entry level DSLR.

Rochester, MN

No experience, but I was fascinated with the reviews and considering your position.

The 390 is a redesign of the 380. Which from the reviews I read was nothing more than a redesign of the handle. The 380 was a redesign of the 350 before that. A bit more added then. So the 390 could be thought of a 350.3 .

Compare that to what Canon has done with the T2i. They have brought almost all of the features in the 7d and made a $700 camera.

Should you get a 350 in a 390 body or get a 7d in a T2i body?

Willis, TX(Zone 8b)

I don't have any experience with it either, but I know several people that really like the Sony gear.

My suggestion would be to look at lenses before you make a decision on a dSLR. In the long run, the lenses will be much more important than the body. Bodies will change rapidly and you will want to upgrade in a few years, but those lenses will last forever with good care. Once you pick a system, you are stuck with it since it is really expensive to replace all those lenses. Compare reviews of the lenses you think you will use the most - probably a good walkaround wide angle to mid-telephoto zoom, a good macro lens and a telephoto to get the birdies?

I did those comparisons years ago when I bought my first dSLR and I leaned toward Canon, but there are lots of new lenses out there now, so I don't know what I would choose if I had it to do over today.

My favorite lenses are the Canon 24 to 105mm for general purpose, the Canon 100mm f2.8 macro for getting close and the Canon 400mm telephoto for the birdies. I have a 1.4 teleconverter for the 400. One of these days I will graduate to a 500 or 600mm lens, but only if I win the lottery first. ^_^

Also, buy good glass. It does make a difference in image quality and if you do decide to switch systems, the good lenses will have a much better resale value.

Have fun looking!


Rochester, MN

I'm sorry if my post killed the discussion here for you.

Reading reviews can really help when getting high ticket items, but there are two other aspects to consider when reading reviews, history and future.

Microsoft came out with their Vista version a few years ago for the most part because it was time to release something new. It was flawed from the beginning and instead of getting people to run out and get it, it left them waiting to for what came out next.

Imagine a movie getting a Part II released and the reaction of people when they found out none of the scenes were new, only floor clippings from the first movie were added.

All cameras have reviews, but they have history also. How much was changed from Part I?

Really standout cameras don't have much history. They are the flagships of the future. Those are the kind of cameras you bet your lenses on. That is what you are doing when you buy a DSLR.

The 390 is kind of like Vista right now. Sony is going to have to come out with new and better because that's the nature of the camera industry, and people demand improvements.

Walkerton, VA(Zone 7a)

Thanks for the thoughtful responses! Good food for thought. My real problem is not being able to touch the Sony a390 in any store I can easily get to. That's the reason I was casting about for opinions. I can touch Canons of any stripe almost anywhere. I'm in no hurry so I'll just wait a while and do some more research.

The sad thing is that I missed an opportunity to photograph the first flight of a clutch of Eastern Bluebirds and their subsequent first-day behavior.


Rochester, MN

Here are some Flicker groups for the a390.

Willis, TX(Zone 8b)

Quote from raisedbedbob :
The sad thing is that I missed an opportunity to photograph the first flight of a clutch of Eastern Bluebirds and their subsequent first-day behavior.


Oh, that must have been a big disappointment. That would have been such a fantastic opportunity. Hopefully you will get something soon and lean all the quirks of your new camera before the Bluebirds come back next year. It took me a while to learn how to change settings on the fly. Every time I get a new camera, I have to relearn.

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