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identification questions.

Suffolk, VA

I am NEWto the whole gardening hobby, but enjoy learning new things. I have just moved to VA and in my new garden is a plant no one seems to be able to identify in my group. I would like to use Plant Files but it is not user friendly to a commoner like myself who is just learning. AND although I may sound stupid... Can someone tell me or explain what I need to put into the Query to find this plant?

Common name: IF I knew the common name... I probably wouldn't have to look it up.

Family: When it first started growing, everyone thought it was pot!!! but not sure it would really be in the family.

Genus: Ok experienced gardners... what does this mean?

Species - again if I knew this I would have an easier time and wouldn't have to ask.

Cultivar ?
Hybridizer ?
Cultivar preference: uh... I would make a choice but first what is a cultivar.

Thumbnail by mf1217
Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

PlantFiles can't help you identify a completely unknown plant - if you don't know at least part of it's name, your best bet is to post a photo and description of it in our Plant ID forum here:

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Once you do know some part of its name, just stick that in the appropriate field. You only have to know one thing in order to do a search, you don't have to fill in every single blank. Of course the more you know, the more you can narrow your search so you won't have to wade through as many results.

You may also find the "general search" more useful than the "specific search" which it sounds like you were trying to use. To use the general search, you still have know at least one of those bits of information, but you don't need to know if the name you have is the genus, species, common name, family, etc as you would with the specific search. (there's a link to the general search in the little paragraph just above all the blanks in the specific search)

Centerport, NY

Looks like a variety of perennial Hibiscus. good luck

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