Aphids On my young lotus plants HELP!

i have a older established lotus in a pond of its own and i have new young lotus in a different bog pond. the aphids are really attacking the young lotus. they are not really attacking the older lotus, (thank God.) but its really becomming a problem! now ants are also following the aphids! something has got to be done! i know i can use Seven dust but im not comfortable doing that so close to my KOI pond!! any one have any sugestions?? natural remodys?? i purchased online 1500 lady bugs and will release them on my lotus. but im afraid they wont stick around,and they wont be here until next month! any advice is apperciated! they are ruinning the tender leaves!

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A natural defense is the ladybugs as you stated - also the praying mantis egg cases. The only thing with the praying mantis is they will eat everything else as well, so you may see a decrease in your butterfly population.

If the ladybugs leave, you can always get more the following season. The natural defenses tend to be not too bad on the pocket book.

thank you for your reply! i really hope the ladybugs stick around! the young lotus leaves are looking awful! and now the ants! .....ive never had this problem before so im not sure what to do. i try to remove them manually but they just keep comming back and im afraid they will kill the young lotus?? can they actually kill a young plant?? gosh i hope not.... these little pests have to go! i hope the live lady bugs do the trick! i heard you release the lady bugs at night do you know anything about this? anyone?? i really apperciate all the feedback i can get! thanks again! the aphaids are really doing a number on the poor baby lotus! i need all the advice i can get! :)

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If you have ants and you see them tending to the aphids, bait them with some terro. The ants are more then likely farming the aphids and protecting them from the natural predators like lady bugs. The ants will also move the aphids around. Manual removal is ok. You can also use a general insecticide on a q-tip and rub in on the aphids. Keeps from getting it on the plant itself. I would do that since you are already manaually controlling the aphids.

wow thanks for the info!! i had no idea the ants actually protect the aphids! thats amazing but it makes since! so it looks like the only way to protect the plant is to bait the ants and use the inscecticide...thanks for your help! i still have 1500 lady bugs comming that ive ordered! haha.... well maybe if i can remove the ants it would leave the aphids vonurable to the lady bugs?? what do you think?? you know a whole lot more about this than i do and i really apperciate your info! i dont understand it. i never had an aphid problem before?? can the aphids actually kill the whole lotus plant?? what do you think? anybody??

Aiea, HI(Zone 11)

Not all ants will farm aphids, so check to make sure that they are doing so. I did suggest using Terro, but using multiple types/brands of baits is never a bad idea. Ants are picky, so giving them the most choices will give you the best chances of success.

Even if you remove all the ants and bring in the ladybugs, you may not get rid of all the aphids. But, the removal of the ants will give the ladybugs the best chances to knock the aphids out. Also, once you do get the ladybugs, be careful with your use of the insecticide. It is just as toxic to the aphids as it is to the ladybugs.

Chances are there is a naturalized population where the aphids are flying in from and invading your plants. You should check around your yard for other plants that have aphids as this may be the source of your infestation.

Aphids feed on the sap of a plant, almost like how a mosquito feeds on a person. I'm not sure if they can kill a lotus, but if enough of them are feeding, I'm sure that it can't be good for your plant.

i sure will check it out and see if i can find the "source" of the aphids! great advice! thanks so much. :)

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For some relief right now take your hose and spray down the plants that are infected. The water stream needs to be strong enough to knock the bugs off but not knock down the plant. Repeat as necessary.
Very eco-friendly too. ^_^

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