Let's Talk Garden Tools

Fort Collins, CO(Zone 5a)

Garden Tool Company is the all-consuming, home based, passion of Blake and Anne Schreck, where we pretty much sleep and eat in our warehouse in northern Colorado. We have great garden tools everywhere you look, along with everything else it takes to ship them to gardeners all over the country. We specialize in providing the highest quality garden tools, many of which are hand forged and guaranteed to last a lifetime, and providing the best customer service possible. And we donít just sell the tools because we work on our yard a lot and we love to try them out. We seek feedback from our customers, we blog about garden tools and gardening and sometimes we even correspond with members of the Sneeboer and DeWit families in Holland.

We love to talk about great garden tools and we are here at Daveís Garden in the hope that you will get to know the two of us and our company a little better. We know how hard it is to buy online where you can't actually put your hands on the products, so we'll try to give you as much information as we can. And if you happen to choose the wrong tool, we will gladly work with you to find the right one. So letís talk garden tools.

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Benton, KY(Zone 7a)

Welcome Blake! I'm sure there will be many questions forthcoming.
I'll start with a couple of topics so that the ice is broken. (sort of like a Jr. High dance where no one wants to get on the dance floor first...)

I'm sure there are many things that you can enlighten us about.

Brunsville, IA

I am very happy to meet your article.

Spring Hill, FL(Zone 9a)

Not quite sure exactly what this forum is supposed to specifically be about. I own a Design/Build landscaping company. There are various tools I couldn't be without, both large equipment and smaller hand tools. Always open minded as to the possibilities of a new tool. Do you have a catalog or website so I can see what you offer?

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