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What do I do now?

Blackshear, GA

Do I just break these out of the pod and germinate them now?

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Ocoee (W. Orlando), FL(Zone 9b)

First....high five yourself for next year's crop!
THEN.....yes, take the seeds out of the pod....You will need to notch the shell off of one side of the seed. It's amazingly hard, and seeds will not sprout without you doing it. I put mine in some plyers that I have, that also have a small round spot to cut wire, and that little "spot" holds the seed tightly. Then I sand the seed on the sidewalk until a small white spot appears (to show that I've made it through the hard shell)
Put them in a semi-tall glass with clean water. After a few days( to a week) the seeds will suck in water, swell, and eventually sprout. Keep trading out the water if you see it get slimey or scummy. Slimey water will rot your sprout!
Once a root appears, along with a leaf stem, you are ready to gently transplant it to a container with soil. Pretty much just weigh it down, but don't really plant it. The root will find it's way into the underwater soil.

Blackshear, GA

Great, thanks, I've been looking on the internet. I really hope they all germinate!

hi. when growing the seed be sure to change your water daily and replace with warm water! when your changing the water give the seeds a shake. this helps with germanation! once they sprout move the sprouts to a different container and make the water EQUAL to what your final transplant debth will be. do this all BEFORE the first leaf reaches the waters surface,because lotus once the leaf has reached the surface will not tolerate a difference in water in water debth. after the fourth leaf appears fertizilize with a good fertizilizer. i like to use highland rim pond tabs. the ratio is 10:26:10. notice how high the middle number is? thats the phourphous and its very good for the lotus and it promotes blooming. i also use a small amount of chalated iron in the water and this really greens the leaves nicely! good luck with your lotus! show us some pictures when she is growing! remember lotus love the sun and give her at least six full hours a day! happy growing :)

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i forgot to tell you lotus must be planted in a round structure. if there put into a square structure the tubbers of the lotus will run themselves into a corner and this can actually kill or stunt the plant. also it can cause the tubber to uproot so make sure shes planted in a nice round container. lotus love loam soil. be sure when you plant her to use loam. comercial potting soil like miricle grow is too light and it will eventually cause the tubber to rot. those types of soil are not made for water plants. eventually that type of soil after sitting in water can also change the PH balance of the water and again kill the lotus. so its best to use loam. you can put sand on top if you like but remember sand itself holds no nutritonal value for the lotus so be sure and use loam also. you will want enough soil to keep the tubber safe over the winter and keep the tubber from freezing! depending on your zone there are different ways to overwinter the lotus. in my zone 9a we dont have much of a freeze at all so i overwinter my lotus by putting them into the bog pond and l just leave them on the bottom of the pond until spring. come spring they emerage from the bottom and give new leaves. the lotus usually blooms the second year of life so when they emerge from the winter you should be able to watch your plant bloom then. in the meantime the leaves are very beautiful just by themselves. your plant will get large by the end of this summer. you will be surprised how fast they grow!

Blackshear, GA

Thank you for all the info. Very interesting about the water depth. I am in 8b and there are some lotus 'down the road' that grows in a pond. They are beautiful!! I would protect mine for at least the first year, I have a GH. Thanks again for everything.

your welcome! if i can help just ask . growing lotus is a hobby of mine! :) im growing nuciferia. the hard part is the overwintering. last season the lotus i kept in buckets over the winter didnt make it and the ones i kept in the bog made it. so this year im only growing in bog ponds. i have two ponds only dedicated to lotus. im not sure why mine didnt make it in the buckets but i suspect it was the soil i used at the time. because we have very mild winters usually. growing lotus is fun and very rewarding! once you start it you will be hooked! i know i was :) they are fast growing plants . you will be surprised on how big yours get this year! happy growing!!

Blackshear, GA

Thank you, where do you get your seed/tubers from? I think they are the most gorgeous flower! The seeds I got, the flower was white tinged with lt pink. The nursery where I shop often has a huge pond as part of its display and it has the lotus all in it. I asked the owner if I could get one and he didn't have a problem with it at all. Wish I had grabbed a couple now. There are some down the road from me, so I may 'visit' them and see if I can grabbed a couple of pods from them too.

hi.i start all my lotus from seed.the seed i order actually comes from china! it takes a bit longer to get here but ive had great sucess with the seed. sometimes on ebay you can find vendors from china that sell lotus seeds. the seeds are shipped out directly from them. ive purchaced seeds from all over both nuciferia and lutea but it seems ive had the best success from the ones from china. with the others i would have several "bad" seeds in a package and they would float to the top and never germinate. this season ive ordered more seeds again from china and actually had 100 percent sucess rate with germanation! i pick what i want and pay with pay pal and about two to three weeks later my seeds arrive. this year im growing only nuciferia. white and pink flowers. sometimes you can get a "bad" vender off ebay. last year i ordered nuciferia seeds and was sent lutea seeds so now i just stick with the venders from china. ive had no problems doing that and the seeds are very inexpensive. i love growing from seeds! although i have to wait a season for my flowers its been worth it! you can get lotus seeds online just about anywhere. for some reason ive had more success with the seeds from china, i have no idea why they have been more successful? perhaps its the area i live in? not sure but because of the success rate i just stick with what works for me. please put some pictures up of your lotus progress! its such a fun plant to grow and it grows sooo fast! its fun to document the growth with pictures!

thats wonderful you have a pond just down the road where you can get the seeds! how fun! im just lotus crazy! it seems i cant grow only a few, ive gotton hooked! i am growing about 14 plants right now! but ive built two seperate lotus bogs to house them. the bogs are lotus only and this year im growing directly into the earth of the ponds! so they will take over and should make quite a show! il keep everyone posted on the progress! in my area ive not seen lotus growing, but im going to go out of town to visit lotus land in santa barbara next month. i cant wait to see those lotus! ive not even seen lotus growing in ponds out here, if i did i would surely grab some of the seeds!

Blackshear, GA

Thanks so much for your replys. If I'm not bothering you too do you do your bogs? We are building a house right now and we have 100 acres and we are digging a 5 acre pond. Should I put them in there next year, somewhere I think I read that they can be invasive? Maybe I should just set up a separate bog close to the pond for the lotus. Suggestions?

Would you mind telling me who you order from in case I get the urge for more, which is very likely!! Why are you sticking with just the white and pink?

your no bother at all! i dont mind answering questions! i will look up the vender for you for the lotus seeds ok. give me some time im not at home now but when i get home il look it up for you. about the bogs. first i have a 2250 gallon koi pond. i dont grow any lotus in there. they can be invasive and i dont like the idea of putting any dirt in my koi pond! plus they fish dig them up and eat them. so i bought an EDPM pond liner and dug a type of trench the trench is about three feet wide three feet deep and twelve feet long. the pond is then filled half way with loam. then i fill with water. i always air the water with a giant air stone. the lotus love the air in the water and it doesnt stagnate this way. i put into the bog mosquiteo fish to keep the larva out of the pond bog. the second bog is built the exact same way. remember the air for oxygen in the water. i then plant the lotus in the loam. ive let them run free into the mud because it is a lotus bog and i want them to take over! remember to round the corners of your bog because the lotus can get stuck in corners if its not rounded out. this can actually kill the plant! also square corners can make the tubber jump out of the soil. so round the corners of the bog! i place the feeding tablets right into the soil of the bogs. ive had great success with growing lotus this way! bogs are fun and they overwinter the lotus nicely! come spring the lotus emerge from the mud and grow again! and the cycle starts over. well when i get home i will post the name of the vender where i get the seeds for you ok? i love lotus and dont mind answering any questions you have! :)

id build the seperate bog for the lotus so that it wont invade your other pond! i forgot to say that in my reply. :)

the vender i got the lotus seeds from is happy-seed from china. you can find the vender on ebay. i hope this helps :)

Blackshear, GA

OK, maybe a dumb question, but where do you get your loam? Do you kinda mix it yourself or is your soil mostly loam? We have a wide range of soils down here. Lots of sand because we live near a river, but we also have some clay. I drove down the road earlier to check out the lotus, they aren't blooming at the moment, must have already bloomed, because there were lots of seed pods. Some in the ditch beside the road....fair game.LOL Would you like for me to send you some? I am going back this afternoon with my boots and getting some. Not sure what color these are.

Blackshear, GA

Thanks for the website.

hi! id love some lotus seeds! i dont even care about the color! that would be wonderful! im very lucky because our soil is mostly loam so i just get it out of our back yard! the lotus love the loam. i also mix some sand on top it keeps the water clearer but remember with sand it gives no nutrition to the lotus so remember to feed them! im sure your regular soil will work fine, some people (not me) use clay kitty litter. i recomend using your yard soil and feeding. remember lotus grew on river banks in mud so thats what they like. dont be tempted to try any potting soil because after awhile it rots the tubber and can change the ph of the water. (yes, ive made this mistake before personally and all my tubbers rotted!) i guess we live and learn! so i just use my loam soil. i will give you my email address and from there we can exchange addresses and il send you some of my nuciferia seeds also. my email is [email protected] i dont want to post my home address here in public. you understand? im fighting aphids right now on my lotus so i got a shipment of ladybugs . they arrived today and i will release them this evening! il let you know how that works fighting the aphaids.looks like i might be getting blooms on my older lotuses! il show pictures when they get bigger! yeah! im so excited! the new baby lotus in the bogs are getting their aerial leaves too! its really rewarding watching these amazing plants grow. im lucky. i live in zone 9a so its hot hot hot here and the lotus love it! they even have tolerated the higher temps of 105 thank God! its so much fun to grow lotus! i think once you get started you will be hooked too! il be waiting for your reply back on my email. il send out five nuciferia seeds for you. there pink i believe. they should do well for you. i can also send 5 louta seeds if you like. thats the american lotus. just let me know which ones you would like :)

Blackshear, GA

That's so sweet of you, I appreciate it. You will have to give me some pointers. I will have to look that up, I am assuming they are something close to a lotus. I know nothing about lotus. What little I have read so far, I do know that the best time to move the tubers is when they are dormant and that they are very fragile.

Didn't get the lotus this afternoon. I will try for in the morning, but we are going out of town for the 4th, so I may not have time, but it is on my to do list!!

(Zone 9a)

GA girl, plain old backyard DIRT will do fine, some people even use plain gravel. Like realsis said however, never use potting mix, the peat and perlite floats and makes a mess too.

Lotus grow so easily from tubers and I have found I have to divide mine every year (I grow them in large containers) or they do not bloom as well because the tubers are strangling themselves. Growing in a bog would be different and easier I think. Winter is the best - and coldest - time to divide. If it were not for the alligators and snakes, I would sink a child's wading pool in the ground and grow lotus there.

One of my friend recently called then "Southern Peonies". Since we can't grow peonies and the flowers are similar it works for me. LOL

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Blackshear, GA

ooo, very nice ardesia!! Would you mind sharing some seed from that one? Is that considered a double or something, it has many more petals (?) than the ones I have seen here.

Ocoee (W. Orlando), FL(Zone 9b)

Beautiful pink! The pinks always light up a pond!

(Zone 9a)

I will try and save some seed but if you will remind me next January, I'll share a tuber with you. It will be a housewarming gift. :-)

Blackshear, GA

That's very sweet, Thank you!!

The blue lotus on happyseed website, do you think it is actually blue?

hi, the nelumblo lutea that i was wanting to give you seeds for can be many colors! the nuciferia is usually only pink or white. be careful and make sure its a nuciferia, or lutea that is being sold because i made that mistake last year. they called it a lotus but it was really a waterlilly! those seeds were sooo tiny and i was very disapointed! i have over 100 lotus seeds id be happy to give you some! the nelumblo nuciferia is the sacred lotus, the asian lotus, the nelumblo lutea is the american lotus she is slightly more winter hardy and usually produces yellow flowers. there is a slight difference in the flowers. the two plants so closely resemble that usually you cant tell the difference when the leaves emerge! now, when i give you the seeds you WILL SEE THE DIFFERENCE! sometimes venders try to pass lutea seeds off as nuciferia. on the happy seed site stick with what is posted as the nuciferia. like i said its white or pink. thats what i order for them and have had amazing results with the seeds! if i can get your mailing address i will send you out five nuceferia and five lutea. unless you would like 10 nuciferia. the lutea is also a beautiful lotus its all up to you! i have so many seeds i dont mind giving you some right away. i just need to know how to get your address? please let me know and i will send them off in regular mail. also with the 10 seeds im giving you you really wont need to order more! if you want more than 10 let me know. i thought it might be neat to give you both variety of lotus so you can have them both. those are the two species of lotus. then you can decide wich ones you like best! i perfer the nuciferia. the loutea seeds take a little longer to germanite than the nucefieria. ive had better succes with germanating the nuciferia. please let me know what you would like and i would be more than happy to share with you! also id be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. ive studied about the lotus for some time now. so far ive had great success. when growing your lotus remember they are heavy feeders and should be fed after the 4th leaf. sometimes when growing lotus you will notice the leafs are not as green as they should be. this is a sign that your lotus is missing the nutrient iron. so during this time i place a small amount of liquid chealated iron in the water and ive had great success with this. it will green the leaves fast! the lotus loves the iron! just a small amount will do. well, i will be waiting to hear from you about the seeds so i know where to send them. please get in touch with me soon! also let me know if you want both vareitys or just one! have a blessed day and im hoping to hear back from you soon!

(Zone 9a)

There has been extensive discussion here about the plant known as Blue Lotus. Apparently it is actually a water lily and there are many tropical lilies in blue shades.

I saw this one blooming at Longwood Gardens.

Thumbnail by ardesia

exactly! this is what i recieved when i ordered it last year. the seeds are very small, this is why i advise to look for nuciferia for lotus. it can be confusing. but if you want lotus look for nuciferia or lutea. this is the blue lotus, however it is a water lilly. so you know your getting lotus with the nuciferia and lutea. this is what i was telling you about in our email.

hi. ive sent your seeds in the mail so they should be arriving shortly. i live in california so im not sure how long it will take. i hope you enjoy your seeds and i hope you have great success with them! take care and any questions just ask! :)

Blackshear, GA

Thank you, I will be looking for them.

Lakeland, FL(Zone 9b)

GA Girls Those Yellow ones You Seei Growing Wild in the Ponds And Rivers Have A Bad Smell To Theam And Can Be Really Invasive Paul

i hope the seeds come soon! :) it shouldnt be long now!

Blackshear, GA

Hey! Sorry, got them yesterday!! Thank you so much, can't wait to try them. I'll let you know how it goes....still haven't made it to the other seeds.

great! let me know the progress! im looking foward to pictures!

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