Poppy Seeds

Holladay, UT(Zone 5a)

There is a very small art gallery not too far from me that has the most amazing pink poppies out front. For the last four years, I've tried to find someone there to ask if I could have a seed pod or two, without any luck. I've never seen the gallery open, so I've never been able to ask anyone! I've called and left messages, and taped a note or two to the door, but no one has returned my call. Whenever I think the seeds should be ready to harvest, I drive past and all of them have been cut down to the ground, and I can't find a trace of a seed head anywhere!

I'm wanting to know if I can cut the seed pods off before they are ready, and let them age at home. I've never tried this, so I have no idea if this will work or not. I have no idea what kind of poppies they are. I think they are probably annuals that reseed, but I'm not sure. I'm more than willing to cut off a few seed heads if they will survive, since the plant is cut to the ground every year.

Any help is most appreciated!


Green Cove Springs, FL(Zone 9a)

While it's always besy to have permission from someone who may be saving seed themselves, Poppy pods can be harvested when they start to dry a bit and look ribbed, but aren't completely dry. Check the seeds inside, They must be black to be viable.

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