Clerodendrum thomsoniae indoors

Phelan, CA(Zone 8b)

When this ebay plant arrived in the mail, I gasped. Its a MONSTER! I was expecting a small plant. Its 27" high. Don't get me wrong--I'm happy its not some tiny barely rooted cuttting, but I surely didn't expect such a nice, beautiful plant for what I paid. I want it as an indoor plant. I understand you can trim them to be a small bush instead of a climber. Does it have to have a trellis? I won't trim it right away, of course. I'll wait until next spring. I have low humidity here and its 90 degrees today. Aside from misting it, any other suggestions? It'll be in dappled sun in late afternoon for only a couple of hours.

Thumbnail by Seaecho
Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

WOW! Who did you get it from - can you post a link to the seller's site?

Phelan, CA(Zone 8b)

It lost a few leaves that became yellow and fell off, but that has stopped now, and for the most part, it looks the same, and is steadily growing. Oh dear. . . I can't remember where I got it! It was online, and I think it was on ebay, but not positive. I really like it, even though I expected it to die, so was pleasantly surprised when it didn't. I don't let it dry out completely, I read they don't like that. I water it when its dry about an inch down, and that has worked well. We'll see how it fares during winter, which I think will be the real test of if they can be grown successfully indoors. It gets partial, filtered sun (not much, just an hour or so) in the late afternoon. Seems to like that.

Let me go check now and see if I can find out who I got it from.

Phelan, CA(Zone 8b)

Not sure this is the guy I got this plant from, but I do know I've ordered several plants from him in the past, and been very happy with them all. This plant listed is a lot smaller than mine was when I got it. You can see that from the picture. There are others listed on ebay, too. This guy, Bruce, seems to have healthy plants. Here's the link.

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