Question about petal count

Albany, ME(Zone 4b)

I have two kinds of true red roses that look very similar and I've lost the labels. Both have moderately numerous petals. Do all roses of a particular variety have the same number of petals? If I knew that they did I'd count the petals from the different plants and have my answer.


Richmond, TX

I think some are more consistent than others. I think it might worthwhile to make the counts - especially if they turned out to be quite different. Do you remember which roses they might be?

Austin, TX

I've noticed a big difference between small, newly planted and large, established plants and also unfertilized vs. fertilized.

This thread is a case in point (flowers were all from the same plant):

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Albany, ME(Zone 4b)

Thanks. Will count and let you know after the guests for the weekend leave. I don't want them to miss a single bloom!!!

I know one is Europeeana. The one I'm not sure about could be another Europeeana, or it could be a Climbing Dublin Bay that's bushed out because it had a bad season last year and is now in a very fertile sunny place? It shows little prospects of becoming a climber except for one 4 foot cane.


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