Your method of planting your flowers

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

I've been thinking about this and wondering if the way a person starts off their flowerbeds makes a difference in organization and final looks of the flowerbed. Do you plant your taller plants that go in the back of the border first, or do you start off with your low flowers/edgers first and work toward the back of the border? I tend to start at the front and work toward the back of the border. I've been thinking I should do the opposite. I wouldn't be trying to avoid stepping on the first ones I planted if I started with the back of the border first. Maybe it would flow better that way and not look like "pick and plunk" method. What makes one chose one over another? Think about it. I sure have and would like to try to do it the opposite way because it makes more sense logically. Is it because of my ADD that I do it the way I do?

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