Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. Time we moved again. These old legs like a short walk to the Tea Room.
Take time to sit out in our Japanese area of the Tea Room garden. The sound of the water is very soothing.

Very windy here during the night. Still is out there, but no rain yet. Hubby says rain is forecast and i do want some for the pot plants. They dry out quickly, even in winter.
I potted all my cuttings and seeds yesterday, now I have to wait for them to grow.
Lots of daffies smiling around the garden. Jonquils too.
My salvias are still flowering. They have been going since late last year. Poor things cant decide whether they are winter or summer flowering.

Hello Dianne. Lovely protea. Hubby had a lot planted here when I came. They do not like the clay soil here and were so stunted and ugly, we dug them all out.
All other natives do very well here and I have heaps planted around. Correas and grevilleas especially, seem to love it here.

Hello Chrissy , Colleen, Moon, Pam and Karen.

Hello also to Anthony, Teresa, Louise and Charleen.

I had better move and put the sign up so everyone knows where we are.

Have a happy day and stay safe.

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Merino, Australia

I do it every time, forget the signpost.
We came from here..


Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Charley got a new haircut. I know his Mom had to be beautiful, he sure is. I sure do love that mule....♥

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rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Whos a pretty boy then???????

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

That is his "I'm tied here and I can't get away look" Today the farrier trimmed all four little longear feet.
He's one of those "keepers" he is a good farrier for my critters.
Thank you, my friend....

Merino, Australia

Hello Charley, you lovely boy, you.. Soooooo handsome.

Help. I'm being blown away here..... The darn wind has just come up even stronger.

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Hang on, Girlfriend!!!!!

Merino, Australia

I need Charley for an anchor ...

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Ah Charley...just a fine fella. Looks real nice Charleen.

Here is a daylily for Charley's bridle

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Merino, Australia

Lovely, moon. Wasted on Charley though. He'll just eat it.
My hellebores are all coming out now.

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Sydney, Australia

Just look at those lovely pictures ...what would we do in our Winter without your lovely summer blooms ladies, and those dear long eared darlings. Thanks so much.

Loise how is your garden progressing?

Jean I use Firefox too because it is what they say works best with D'G but with this new puter every time there is an up date things change and the latest thing has been a little box next to the search (magnifying glass thingy) that says +1and it is in google colours ...I don't want to click on to it in case it does something, but from what I can figure it's a google "like" button.
Anyway enough of that ... the day is just beautiful here, how about yours now?

I think everyone is out in the sunshine :)
Catch up when they come in.

Merino, Australia

What sunshine Chrissy ?
I wanted some rain, but got lots of wind instead. Outside , I mean, not me .... giggle giggle.
☁ ☂ ☁ ☂ ☁ ☂

se qld, Australia

Quote from chrissy100 :
the latest thing has been a little box next to the search (magnifying glass thingy) that says +1and it is in google colours ...I don't want to click on to it in case it does something, but from what I can figure it's a google "like" button.

According to the following page, you may have somehow opted into it Chrissy

[quote="this page"] http://mashable.com/2011/03/30/google-plus-one-button/
Google is making a big new push into social with a feature called “+1” that is similar in purpose to the Facebook “Like” button, but integrated directly into the world’s biggest search engine.

Starting Wednesday, users who opt into the +1 button experiment (and soon everyone else) in Google Labs will start seeing a +1 icon next to each link in Google search results.

Google defines this action as a “public stamp of approval,” and it is exactly that. When you +1 something, your name becomes associated with that link “in search, on ads, and across the web,” according to the company. It also shows up in a feed on your Google Profile, which is required to use the product.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Chrissy, I have looked everywhere for the little box...It isn't on Google or Chrome on my computer....
Next to the magnifier on the address bar you said.....I'm afraid that I wouldn't be able to resist clicking on it.

I use the Brothersoft toolbar as well and that has heaps of icons on it...I've only just worked out what they are all for....very handy a lot of them.


Clifton Springs, Australia

Thanks Pam....that clears it up....

Clifton Springs, Australia

Had to have a look...

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Sydney, Australia

Wow you are great detectives ladies ...I didn't do anything but allow an update and a black strip appeared up in the tool bar area, I have noticed when I try and look up You tube I seem to be directed into a google video area instead as a first choice. So I am trying to work with it.
I appreciate everyone's help ...so you say it's safe maybe I can relax now and not worry about being stalked.
Still some odd things are happening, guess it's teething problems.

Well it's been a lovely day here, sorry you needed your ☁ ☂ ☁ ☂ ☁ ☂ Jean (I like that one!!!) ...here comes that rainy day feeling again (a favourite song) ...sorry can't help myself.

I hope everyone enjoyed it no matter what the weather ...our friends over USA way are about to celebrate the 4th of July holidays over the next few days. I hope you enjoy your break ladies :)

Watching Johny Belinda right now- a very good movie
Have a great evening.

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Yep, Charley would eat it. But he would have to wait to get his picture taken with it. He would wait, but he wouldn't want too. We got them some hay this morning. no rain so no grass for the poor little fat critters....

se qld, Australia

As much as I cannot live without Google (so much so that I have it set as my home page) I hate hate hate the way that it's trying to become 'everything for everyone', and the way it slows down web pages loading at times. I asked the webmaster on the forum of a commercial site why they allow Google's 'robots' in there, and basically, if they don't do so, they don't show up in the google searches.

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. Not a nice morning here. It looks like winter outside.......I wonder why ???/ lol
Some rain during the night but not as cold as it has been.
I did nothing productive yesterday so I really must do something today. I feel very lazy when nothing gets done.

I think computers are trying to take over our lives. I stick to the basic use and keep off things like FB and twitter etc. I dont have that thingy on our computer and if it does show up, it will get the push.
There is enough of being taken over and told what to do by the"powers that be" or rather, "the powers that think they should be "
I'll just stick to my garden and a few favored sites like DG.

The magpies are madly building nests and as they are so busy, the poor dears dont have time to eat ,so it is a regular fly in eatery at the back door now. It happens every year. They are always there for food any time, but nest building and hatching babies time is extra busy . The blackbirds and others line up too.

Anthony, there is another little green shoot in one of my lilium pots. Exciting times.

Hello Colleen, Dianne, Elaine, Chrissy, Pam and Karen.
Teresa, hope all is well over your way.

Charleen, give Charley an extra cookie for being a good boy , keeping still for his photo.

Louise , hope all is well at your place too. You will be enjoying the garden while the weather is warm.

Happy 4th of July to our American friends.

I will find something appropriate for your morning tea. Here we are. , a very pretty cake.
Happy gardening everyone.

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barmera, Australia

I need to have my cuppa please so will put the kettle on. We have had some nice rain. No wind and it's quite balmy. Yesterday was about 20C with intermittant showers then last night down it came. I'm sure my newly cut back front garden will be enjoying it. Still have some to do but getting there. The boys helped in between finding bugs and riding their bikes. Still very wet out there so will have to find something else to do today by the looks. Hope everyone is well. By the way has anyone heard from katchoi. I miss her stories of the turkeys and the carpet snakes and the neighbour from hell. Must go be back later. Colleen

Brisbane, Australia

Good morning all. A bit cool but otherwise a glorious morning. We are off and away today, maybe Mt. Tambourine. The old car would never have made it up the mountain, so haven't been there for a long time.

Colleen, I saw a message from Kat in another forum. I think she mentioned computer problems, if I remember correctly. Hope she can get back online again soon. I've missed her too.


Spotted this Pacific Baza (Crested Hawk) out the front yesterday. They've been living in the area for years, but this is the first decent photo I've got of one. They can really send the birds into a spin when on the hunt. Check out his eye. A real hunter.

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Good morning everyone.....
Very windy this morning....spotting rain too...
I can hear you on the path Jean, you will probably beat me to the door...There goes Colleen, while I'm bringing up the rear...

After the excitement of my two teams playing a thriller last night, I couldn't sleep, so I watched a very old movie...The Plainsman......Gary Cooper and Jean Arthur....I had forgotten that he died in the end...
I wouldn't have bothered...
The rain seems to be getting heavier, so it might be an indoors day.

Anthony, Have you had to build a larger Vortex, for all these new Liliums?....your garden looked packed last year!!!!

Marlene, hope that you have a successful Plant Expo....
The phone rang so 30 mins later, I'm back to finish this post...
Yes Colleen, where is Kat and the neighbour and the turkeys....I can't remember when she last posted.
Off to finish the washing..and get a cuppa...
Have a good day..

Great photo Karen...have a lovely day...

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Sunshine Coast, Australia

Just popped in to say "Good Morning"
I am so tired from being up late watching the tennis.

Dianne...what do you think of the "Cats" loss?
I guess all of the Geelong area is very down this morning.
It was a great game to watch.

Chrissy...I use Firefox too.

Have a great day and take care.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Marlene, I don't consider that a loss, just a reality check.....it will do them good...they need some goal kicking practice anyway....
Ray, was at the paper shop this morning and there was a similar consensus...no panic.
They will still be contenders on the day....

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

,.I p urchased another 20 starfighter,this a.m,.[flowerdale bulbs] very good quality.i brought and stacked a ton of wood yesterday,'so now i can cover the access area to the wood,with pots''-and as the wood recedes[taking from the other end of the stack]i can fill that area with pots too!!!!''you always gotta have a plan''.-i will have to clear a few daffodil bulbs this year[boxed ones]-and summer will clear about 200 lily pots...Dianne,-Carlton!!!!!!

Merino, Australia

Anthony, you sound like me. Just move this or that a little and put that there, then theres a space. Funny thing , spaces dont stay spaces for long. Always something to put there.
Here are my Christmas Lilies in their pot today. They are growing well and I may move them around to the front near all the liliums so they can see what to do.

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Sydney, Australia

Colleen I saw you asking for some directions over in BGI can I help to guide you around? any questions I can help you with? I know it's a bit confusing when we are used to this place but you can navigate it with a bit of help.

Gee I can see everyone has been out and about today ...so I am leaving the urn on for supper.
I thought to leave an Apple pie out for any stragglers and what more appropriate than this :)
Enjoy everyone !

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barmera, Australia

Chrissy, thank you. I can find my way around the galleries, they're beautiful to look at, but some times I can't find the forums where I put up that piece today. Sometimes I just want to say gidday so when I can't find it I just go back out. I can't put any pics up as my puter is at the docs again and I'm using the boys again. All my good pics are on mine. You also said something awhile ago about Wayne's new ones being recognised and maybe he could [register] them, I think that's what was said. Well I couldn't find those either. Any help would be most welcome. Thank you. Colleen

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

I think Charley likes having his picture taken. He knows he does have horse cookie rewards. Had to tie him for his wormer, it must taste terrible he sure doesn't like it. but he did get a couple cookies for a reward. Poor darlin.
Love that crested hawk. Beautiful....

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Sydney, Australia

Colleen Talk you through it tomorrow arvo ...I must get to bed now as I have to be up before 5 (nurse tomorrow) after lunch I will talk you through it ...any one else having problems just ask.
Nighty night :)
Night Charleen, lots of celebrating for you tomorrow (it's the 4th here anyways) Happy 4th of July did you have a piece of the pie? take some for Charley too.

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Thanks to you all for July 4th wishes. Most folks here just see it as a day for big sales and barbeques. they often forget the price that goes with so many freedoms. Yup....I am a military raised kid....GRIN

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Charley and I want to Thank you for all the Fourth of July well wishes. Charley had his cookies so he is a happy boy. Hugs and sweet mule nuzzles to all.....

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. A very windy night after a milder day yesterday. The sun was out for most of the day but the wind was cold.
Looks like more rain. The rivers and creeks are all starting to overflow again. No great danger of flood damage around here though. They usually just affect the paddocks. One thing about all the rain is that the farmers have lots of grass for their stock. Little lambs everywhere.

I saw yesterday, that we still have one of our magpies using small bits of wire to build her nest. Our old Mama bird used to beg from hubby all the time for the wire. Thin plastic coated copper wire that hubby uses miles of in his radio work.
The one here now must be one of Mamas offspring.
I put out lots of coconut fibre which they love. Its funny to see them tugging on the sheeps wool caught on fences too.

I am pleased with the way my garden is looking now. Lots of green and lots of buds. It is going to be a beautiful spring so I will have to get out and take lots of pics for a garden tour again in Spring.

Hello Charleen and Moon, also Louise , if you are around. I was a day early for your 4th of July. Never mind , have a happy day . Charley can have all the cookies he likes. He is such a good boy to stand still for his photos.

Hello Chrissy. I am learning my way around over there on the other site but it can get confusing around the forums.
I'll look for your advice to Colleen when I am in there.

Hello Colleen, hope you are getting a bit of sun and not the wind there.
How is your brom house going ? Mine are very happy in their greenhouse. They seem to have grown a lot and I have quite a few pups .

Hello Elaine, hope all is well with you.
Hello Pam and Karen. A bit of warm weather should help your aches etc.
Teresa, I do hope you are keeping warm there . How did the new heating go ?
Hello Anthony. Are you worn out planting bulbs yet ? It is going to look absolutely beautiful at your place when they all flower.

Not much is going to be done outside today so I will sit in the lounge and read.
Better see what I have for nibbles to put out for you all.
Boston Cream Pie, very American for our friends over there.

Happy gardening.

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Brisbane, Australia

Good morning, and Happy 4th July to our US friends. I should ask, how do you celebrate it?

Lovely and sunny here this morning. But not much happening. I love my new chicken-with-attitude. I guess he'll end up in someone's Christmas stocking this year.

Anyone here celebrate Christmas in July? Is there a specific date for it?


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barmera, Australia

Good morning everyone. Jean did you send this wind here? I don't like wind. The sun is shining but it's quite nippy out there. The broms are doing beautifully thanks Jean. There's only a few brugs left in the actual SH and the rest are along the wall. They will be either getting planted in the ground or into bigger pots and put around the garden. The Sanguineas will stay in there though unless I find a perfect place for them out in the garden which with our heat here I don't think there is. Karen, my sister is in a craft group that celebrate Christmas in July. They are at Logan Village if you'd like to look them up. They also have a Lady's Day and they all dress up in their finery and have Devonshire teas with little sandwiches and cakes. It's called The Logan Village Community Craft Cottage in Wharf Street. They're open most day til 2pm and occasionally on Sundays. I love your rooster. Bit more pruning going on out there. nearly finished. Then I have to start on the back garden. Oh boy, talk about Neverending Story. The boys were really good on the weekend so I took them down to the skate park for a couple of hours yesterday. They had the time of their little lives. I just closed my eyes and told them to be careful. Not many flowers in my garden at the moment but come Spring it should look a picture, I hope. Must go, be back later. Colleen

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Hi Karen. Pretty much a matter of Sun, Fun, Food and Fireworks...a lot of places have parades to honor veterans and soldiers and there are lots of concerts with patriotic music and poetry followed by fireworks displays. At Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson, one of our founding fathers, there is a huge celebration welcoming new citizens to the USA.


Brisbane, Australia

Colleen and Moon, thank you both. That Logan Village group sound great. I will look them up when I get well enough to do things like that again. I am even thinking of doing something myself next year for friends. Just didn't know what date. I would love the dress up tea party, or even a picnic in the park. All our kids are grown ups now, so we could just have a ladies day. I am sure by next July I will be up to it.

It was supposed to be very cold this morning, but is actually a bit warmer here. About 11c. Hope you all have a warm, sunny day ahead.


Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. Its certainly decided to be winter here at the moment. More rain, which I like, but the cold wind comes with it.
Colleen, I can send you more wind if you like.
The garden is looking really green and I am hoping for lots of sun during spring to bring all the flowers out.
Nothing was done outside yesterday . I spent time cleaning up my genealogy files. Amazing how much stuff accumulates over time.
Hello to Karen, Pam and Elaine. Hope you are all feeling a bit better now..
Hello Dianne and Colleen. You should be seeing lots of buds in your gardens now.
Anthony, I was nearly tempted to buy another asiatic, but stopped myself. It was pretty though. Maybe , I have another look lol
Charleen , Moon and Louise , I hope you all enjoyed your Independence Day. Halfway through your summer now, Autumn will be creeping in, in no time.
I was watching a film of the American Fall. So beautiful. I am always envious of the fantastic color you get over huge areas.
Our plain green may suit the climate, but lacks the impact of broad sweeps of reds and golds.
Yes, I know, we do get color from the native flowers, but they are very fleeting , having a short bloom season .
I am going to be lazy again today by the look of things outside. Its very dark and wet.
I am waiting on seeds to arrive so I can get out in the greenhouse planting them. Better go and finish my cuppa.
Heres something nice to have with your cuppa. Orange Chiffon Cake.
Happy gardening.

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Same here, Jean...very windy and cold...
I've been watching the William and Kate tour of Canada....enjoying it too...She certainly wears her clothes well, but I wouldn't like to see her any thinner....If she was here today she would blow away.

I wish that I could get motivated to work on my family tree, Jean...maybe today..

Spent yesterday in Geelong hospital waiting rooms, my husband has to have a knee replacement...
He has put it off long enough...he is starting to creak.
We were there about 4hrs, with Xrays and so on... I needed something to read...the hospital has a lot of secondhand books that they sell for a dollar...you never know what will be there.

I found a hardback copy of a book that I have read many times and still love, Georgette Heyer's
Reluctant Widow...The thing about this book was it's age..it had an inscription and a date of 1946....that makes it one year younger than me and in a lot better condition...not a mark and the pages were still white....all of my GH paperbacks, (I have all of her Regency books) have long since yellowed.
So I might just settle down and finish it today...
Keep warm everyone.

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