Is this pseudobombax a sad-o-bombax?

Venice, CA(Zone 10a)

This guy has been in full sun since before the leaves sprouted. Now that they're out, they're all red and pointing down. I thought they could take full sun. Was I wrong? Is this stressed out and needs to be put in another spot? Or will it adjust right where it is?

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Colton, CA(Zone 8b)

I can't offer anything about the red color other than it looks very nice. But the leaves are normal pointing down like that. In fact they appear to be very healthy dispite the unusual (to me) color. I would expect them to green up in awhile. Don

Yardley, PA

I am not sure what is wrong with you plant. I put mine right in the garden this summer and it is in full sun. It looks like it has too much or too little water? Did you check the roots?

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Decatur, GA

It looks very thirsty. If it isn't dry then I would guess an infection or root rot.
Good luck.

Venice, CA(Zone 10a)

Hmm. The caudex is firm and the roots look healthy. I've been watering it a lot since it gets almost 8 hours of direct sun where it is, about every other day.

I don't know how to check for an infection or what to do in that case. Any ideas?

Yardley, PA

Maybe it had gone into shock at some point and it is dropping it's leaves. New ones may very well grow back.

Venice, CA(Zone 10a)

That's just it. The leaves aren't dropping. They feel firm and healthy and don't pop off when handled. They are just growing in red and then they point down after a while.

Colton, CA(Zone 8b)

bleeps. I will try to find time to look for a photo of my pseudo bombax and show you that your downward pointing leaves are as they should be. The red color I have never seen before, but I would expect that it is no more than rapid initial growth, which is red in many plants. Since I have not seen or experienced it myself, I don't pretend to be sure about that. If all other indications, as you say, are that it is healthy I would not worry about it or do anything drastic.

Are the red leaves continuing to grow and are new ones forming on the growing tip? If everything else seems OK this is what I would be monitoring. My leaves look like yours except they are green, but mine is in filtered light and it is a great deal larger than yours. Don

Venice, CA(Zone 10a)

Heya Don, I got advice today from a nursery owner at the Huntington Gardens that the red is from a too much direct sunlight. I just need to move it, it seems. Though these leaves might fall off now that I re-potted it! Thanks for the replies.

Tolleson, AZ(Zone 9a)

Interesting I have one and my new growth comes out the same color and then eventually turns green. I have mine is full blasted Az sun though.

Ventura, United States(Zone 10b)

Mine is in full sun too, and the leaves are red like that when they first emerge. I think yours is healthy and fine. This picture was taken in July.

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