casa blanca

Augusta, GA

I live in Georgia. My casa blanca lilies are terrible this year, bloomed last year, they are small, yellowing, not buds or blooms. I have a friend 30 min. away and hers are the same, just awful. At this point I am thinking of just digging them up, and starting all over. Any ideas?

Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

That is interesting. I started out with 12 Casablancas in 2003 and had them for years. They had been so tough I moved them to other locations. And the flowers were huge. A couple of years ago they started dwindling down. Smaller, yellowing, no blooms. This year there were only two. I dug them up and put them in a pot and they seem much happier.

If you want to take a shot, dig them up, put them in a pot with fresh mix, keep them watered (seems to be more important than the average lily) and some weak fertilizer. That's what I'm doing and they seem robust again.


Augusta, GA

Thanks. I dug them up the other day. 3 of them had no bulb left on the end of the stalk. I think borers for sure. All my other lily bulbs are in pots, think I will go that route too.

Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

Way to go. I'm finding that every lily I dig up and put in a pot thrives, probably because they are closer to the house and I can give them more consistent care.

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