Paper Flowers

Aurora, OR

I am shocked that there is no mention of paper flowers. They are so much fun to make, and so many varieties.!

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Pocatello, ID

Here is a wonderful tutorial I found for making your own flowers out of paper.

Hope that helps,


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Aurora, OR

I found a detailed book by the tittle "The Flower Workshop" by Vera Jeffery and Malcolm Lewis that has instructions for nearly 30 different flowers and a dozen "potted plants". It is a fun craft and quite surprising at how real the flowers can look, of course, nothing is like the real thing, but, In the dark gray winters a cheerful bouquet of bachelor buttons (cornflower), or forget-me-not's is certain to bring thoughts of spring's garden. I would be happy to share the instructions, unfortunately, My printer/copier is having "issues" or I would have photo's!.

Fort Worth, TX

they are fun to make! they bring back so many childhood memories for me!

Alexandria, VA(Zone 7a)

Wow! I made those flowers but that is the easiest ! -My friend teaches me Origami.
Thanks for the short cut! I love making flowers and yours look great! Thanks for the links and sharing! I look forward to the winter months to do origami which includes making flower projects.

Chatham, MA

Hi all. I just made this Christmas gift out of some origami paper and a frame I got at a yard sale.

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I will definitely try making paper flowers because I just love doing craft work in my free time...

Ontario, CA

Nice Work

Creative idea you had.

One suggestions keep trying with different materials so that you can come up with creative things and beautiful flower. Just try it once with Ribbons

Melbourne, Australia

Wow! Its amazing. I cant imagine how easily you made perfect paper flowers. I love this creative idea.

Palm Bay, FL(Zone 9b)

Nice flowers, Sherryjean and MadebyMarie!
I've watched so many videos and tutes for both paper and fabric flowers, dreaming about making some to wear them in my hair - 'cuz if you can make it in paper you can make it in fabric, right? Affordable store bought ones are usually so cheap and puny looking. Other projects just get in the way and I've never actually gotten around to making any... :)

Atlanta, GA(Zone 8a)

Quote from MadeByMarie :
Here is a wonderful tutorial I found for making your own flowers out of paper.

Hope that helps,


I'm afraid the link is open by invitation only.

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