*Vegetable Fruit & Herb Trade List Organic Heirloom*

Wexford, PA

all seeds are grown, selected, and bred by me. they are all organic, and close to the source as possible.

mi semillas, my seeds:

maiz corn:
pre-kinzua allegheny haudenodaunee calico flour corn

Xitomatl Tomato:

-Rojo Red:
matt's wild
red brandywine
red beeksteak
amish paste
hogheart paste
sugar cherry
punta banda
oxheart (ate up by blight in 09)

-Naranja y Oro, Orange and Gold:
Sungold f3s
kentuky beefsteak
Orange flesh purple smudge (purple pigmentation like tomatillos in the sunlight)

-Rosa Pink:
Pink Brandywine
Long Brandywine
Blosser Pink
Caspian Pink
Eva's purple ball

-Amarillo Yellow:
Yellow brandywine
wapsipicon peach

Morado Purple:
Purple Calabash (guatemalan)
Black from Tula
Xitomatula (purple cal X tula)
cherokee purple

-Negro Black:
Japanese Black Trifele (Jaapani Trufel)
Chocolate (Shakaladnyi)
Black Calabash (purple cal X black krim)
Methinks (caspian pink X Chocolate)
black krim
true black brandywine (low pigmentation, low vigor, low production, ugly, low flavor. im not growing this again. will likely stay at the bottom of the box untill dead.)

Green zebra
georgia stripe

Wild Arugula
georgia collards
champion collards
wild type kale
red kale
tuscan kale
indian black seeded mustard
rattail radish
persian garden cress
upland cress

guatemalan amaranth
red leaf amaranth
mt pima amaranth
white quinoa
mt pima sorghum
tasagui sorghum
Oats and hulless oats
german foxtail millet
large seeded fava
small seeded fava (edible and cover crop)

-more nightshades:
zuni tomatillo
ground cherries (aunt molly's)
nameless heirloom pink flowered tobacco (4 native parent strains stablized about 100 years ago, i cant remember the name!!)

ashe county pimiento,
jimmy nardello,
royal black,
super shepard,
orange habanero,
red jalapeno,
craigs grande jalapeno,
aji dulce,
anaheim nu mex joe e parker,
hungarian hot wax
banana pepper (vigorous and spicy line, maybe crossed but is a fine light yellow and is very large)

unstable 6 variety mix maximas.

my beans are too endangered to distribute at the moment, although i have some good cherokee trail of tears bean and french purple podded bean in abundance.

Epazote, Thai basil, Coriander cilantro,
ironweed, joe pye weed, white snakeroot, PA smartweed
valerian, sage

not all varieties are in large supply. please dmail me, or post your trade list here.

seneca for thank you is nya'weh

your welcome is nya



Thumbnail by turtleheart
Halifax, MA(Zone 6a)

Kawonkamish* (Greetings) Phil,

Woo-womantam anaqushento weeche kenau* (I would love to trade with you). I have organic grown Weatchininneash* (Corn 'Wampum') and Tuppuhquamash* (Beans 'Anasazi'). I would love to trade for your Tomato 'Matt's Wild' and Ground Cherry 'Aunt Molly'. Kuttabotomish* (I thank you).

Aquene kah nahonnushagk* (Peace and farewell),
WautuckquesSochepo* (SnowRabbit)

* Algonquin Language (Natick Dialect)

Wexford, PA

*bump* i will continue trading untill may 2012. i will update the list again in fall/winter 2011.

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