When to spray for thrips?

Albany, ME(Zone 4b)

I was delighted to find that spinosad is effective against thrips. But when does one spray it? Do thrips enter the buds? Or just the open flowers? Where do thrips come from? Will spinosad kill them before they destroy the flower?


Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

I had thrips ruining the appearance of my peonies, and happily got rid of them. I used acephate, which is a systemic (you bite, you die).

Thrips feed within buds. My peonies opened with brown flocking toward the edges of the flowers. They are particularly attracted to light colored flowers

I don't use spinosad, but from what I have read it is indeed effective against thrips, but should be used no more than twice a year. So you need to apply it while your plants are in bud form. I use my product when the buds start forming, and then about ten days later.

If you want exhaustive information you can find it here:


Hope this helps.

Albany, ME(Zone 4b)

I went to your link and was very surprised to see that, indeed, they are saying Spinosad should be applied only twice a year. The Captain Jack's by Bonide that I use has 6 times a year as a maximum. And even then, I wonder why, if it is a biological agent specific to bugs that eat plants. Maybe I'll go start a separate thread in pests and diseases.


Austin, TX

I had a bad problem with thrips this year and did some reading. Apparently, their life cycle is only a couple days, so removing all buds in the yard effectively gets rid of them. Don't compost the buds. Throw them away. I tried it, and it worked. Unfortunately, we've had temperatures 5-15 degrees above normal since, so the roses have been struggling from the heat.

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