Looking for some advice on shrubs

Rochester, NY(Zone 5b)

I am looking for some advice on shrub like begonias. Three caught my eye on Kartuz's site: Cimarron, Don Englund, and Gary Hunt. Has anyone grown these varieties specifically; and if so how have they done for you? I am also wondering about pruning this type. Can you pinch these back or does the entire stem die (I thought I read that somewhere)? I have Listada which I believe is a shrub and I haven't really pruned it yet because I am not looking to remove entire stems, I would just like it to grow a little fuller.
I would appreciate any advice.

Christiana, TN(Zone 6b)

I don't have any advice but I hope you will post pics of them. Please?

College Park, GA(Zone 7b)

Shifty, another good shrub begonia to try is B. Bill Byron. Very large leaves.

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