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May, TX

I posted and it didn't show up on Cannas so must have done something wrong. I'll try to repeat. A neighbor gave me some cannas a few years ago and they have multiplied like crazy. However, they never get more than 3 feet tall at the tallest, and always look raggedy...dried brown leaves or brown tips on the leaves and the blooms also look brown. I wonder if maybe they aren't getting enough water or if it is because we have such pitiful soil here in Central Texas. Maybe they need more shade. Is it too late to dig them up and move them? I was just blown away by tobee43's cannas and can't imagine having any that look like that here in Texas. Any suggestions or advise will be appreciated for this newby.

Victoria, TX(Zone 9a)

Hey Doll................. POST A PHOTO!!
So we can help you more.

THERE are so many diff types of cannas your head will spin..
NUMBER ONE.............they come in ALL sizes.. from mere 2 feet tall to way over 12 feet tall.
A wide array of bloom colors, foliage shapes, hues, lighting preferences, etc.

AND YES!!!! They will look "Raggedy" as you say. Especially here in this Texas Heat and our drought.

THIS too can be remedied.
That's how I learned.... This forum.
ALSO!!!! There are major VIRUSES going around with canna.

We really can't help much more until you post a photo or give more detailed info.

Sorry, but personally, unless I know where they are... (POTS < GROUND< SHADE< etc. etc etc)

Species etc.

Need a photo or more info please. Thanks!

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May, TX

Sorry for being so late - I have been out of town. I'm not sure how to post a photo but will take one and go from there. I live near Brownwood, Texas which looks to be between zone 7 and zone 8. Lots of things here aren't doing well this year no matter what we do - the heat is absolutely debilitating.

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