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Victoria Harbour, ON

And here we are on this sunny hot muggy we not complain because it won't be long.......well you know what's a coming!

Came from here:

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I'm first????

Victoria Harbour, ON

That you are..just cooking supper, Ann is coming over..imagine I've cooked 3 days in a row, what is the world coming to


omygoodness Betty - cooking? lol just teasing!
Well, I'm glad I have a/c, cuz my thermostat says it's 35c/95F!! No wonder my rhubarb is wilting! Me too, cuz I've been out on the deck, putting up my new patio set - metal trim! I wore my gardening gloves to put the table upright!
Earlier in the day, when I'd had enough sun, I came in to have some lemonade and fell asleep. Think I had a touch of heat stroke......... yikes it's hot! And it's cooled down somewhat, so I wonder what it was earlier?!?!

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Thanks for the move Betty :-)
Gonna have to start calling you 'BETTY CROCKER' LoL

Susan .. warm (hot) here as well .. into the 90s .. BUT .. am finding A/C is bothering my arthritic shoulders :-(
Well .. so be it .. I sure am not shutting it off, will turn it up a tad though.

Betty .. Carol was in the process of lisiting her home when Elvis had his accident .. she's out looking for another house .. I think she'd do better in a condo myself.

Gord's BDay tomorrow, out for Chinese Food and have a cake ordered ... YAY .. I do NOT have to cook !!!

Watched an incredible flick a couple of days ago "My Sister's Keeper' (Cameron Diaz) .. wonderful movie.

Off to walk the Poocheroos :-)



hmmmmmmm will have to check out "My Sister's Keeper" as a movie!
~M~ you could always take something for arthritis?!
Happy B-Day, Gord!! yummy on the Chinese food! I love it!!
Does Carol live alone? If so, that may be another reason for her to get a condo, I suppose. I'm still a fan of a house - would get one if I could! I want the space for gardening!

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Thanks for the new thread. I'm afraid I unwatched the other because it was so long.

Been really hot here the last few days. We now have the DGTwins for a few days while they are in a camp and their parents are enjoying Bluesfest. Unfortunately for their parents, we couldn't take them for much of next week as we have a conference in Montreal from Sunday through Thursday. We will take them for a couple of days when we return though.

Will be a full house on Friday as we also have German friends who are arriving for the conference. The kids will go home on Saturday and we'll take the train to Montreal on Sunday - don't really need a car there and my new car (actually a whole year old already) is at risk for theft in Montreal. It's a port city and nice cars sometimes just get scooped up off the street and are in a container before anyone can find them.


what kind of car do you drive, Ann? In Winnipeg (the city with the highest car theft rate in Canada) I believe you got a cut-rate on your insurance if you have one of the more "steal-able" cars and put in an anti-theft device.

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

I have a 2011 Audi A4 - was a year old on July 2. If we go to Montreal for the day we take DH's VW Golf.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Imagine that, being on the hot list for possible theft...your week sounds exciting, especially the part about spending time with the are your gardens? Did you see Royalty in Ottawa July 1st?

Girls, please feel free to start new thread if you see it getting long...

Susan, as you can see, even your call and well wishes didn't bring about a 'bingo' for Ann and I???nope, no riding lawnmower this week, guess I'd best save my pennies..

"M" loved 'My sister's keeper' great movie!!! As for Carol, is there a good market for house resale where you are?? Prime time here, see signs go up and within a short period of time I see 'sold' Wish Gord a Happy Birthday..had Suzanne not ordered in pizza today think I might have gone to the restaurant down the street and have same..much to pick from on their luncheon buffet..drink and meal $10.16 can't go wrong..

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

WHEW .. another 31C+ day .. just back from a run about the city picking up odds n ends.

Betty .. Carol is asking (what I consider) far to much for her place. She wants $500,000. !! Now granted the house does have an indoor pool, but, not many people want that as the equipment needed to care for it is rather overwhelming .. I tend to think her realtor may tell her to drop the price to perhaps $350,000. and settle for any offers in the low 300's. Not really a sellers market here for BIG properties.
Take care all


Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Betty - we saw royalty on July 1 on TV. No way did I want to get involved with the mobs of people. We DID see lots of security people in Tim's on Thursday at 9 am after aquafit. Guy ahead of me in line was RCMP in an ill fitting black suit with shirt, tie ID badge, lapel pin and ear wire. I asked if we was involved that day, he responded "Is it that obvious?" Duh!

The car is one I like but is fancier than necessary. We had to take all the sports options in order to get adjustable lumbar support in the seats. Did I show you a pic last year when it was new? This was within an hour of when I drove it home July 2, 2010.

I should say that when my handbell choir went to Hamilton in May, my 2 back seat passengers said it was the most comfortable back seat ride they had had.

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Victoria Harbour, ON

She's a beauty ViolaAnn, can see why someone might want to borrow
Paul (BIL/Boss) has one..we went to the city a few weeks ago, his has all the bells and whistles as well and it was sooo comfy..

Can imagine the security Ottawa must have sure can pin point the RCMP, seem to have a walk all their own.

"M" how will she feel about lowering it that much, do you think she'll decide to stay when all is considered?

Think my mom and sister were addicted to watching that trial..needless to say after listening to the entire case, hearing same info as the jury they just could not believe the outcome.

Had to go to Garden Gallery at lunch to pick up bio pucks for the pond, promised myself I would walk in, buy the pucks, walk out and NO LOOKING around! Wouldn't you know, the pond supplies are in the back right where they are unloading the shrubs...

An astilbe, have all the colors except this one, just had to come bloom and it's the prettiest maroon/red...with taxes over $20. Should be able to divide come spring..

Thumbnail by Bettypauze
Victoria Harbour, ON

My pink and white ones are doing great...purple not so great..
They say they want shade or partial shade but this one is in full sun and doing great

Thumbnail by Bettypauze

Beautiful flowers, Betty! Betty - I don't know how Any gardener can go into a Garden Centre and Not pick up some posies - my goodness girl, that would be unnatural!!! LOL
Just home and cooling down from yard work at Marlene's - using a pitchfork to dig up a weed bed with shrubs that are not doing well, but are choked with weeds. Got 2/3 of it dug up, but it's 32C now, and climbing, so not going to chance heat stroke (think I may have gotten a bit anyway....)
I'm heading out in a bit to take some poly-fill to someone at the church - they're reno'ing the cry room and need to patch some holes. I used Kilz on one wall this morning - badly stained.

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

I did this morning. The handbells gave me a gift certificate to a very nice garden centre here in Ottawa. Trouble is, it's not remotely close to where I live. Nor is it a place where I would buy hostas because of virus issues - I don't know about where they get their stock. But, since it was around the corner from where my grandson's Lego camp is, I stopped by after I drove him to camp.

I guess I'll keep it until early next season. I'll use it for something then, but this year I've pretty well bought all the annuals I want and the garden ornaments were either too pricey or not something I'd want. (This nursery also tends to be expensive. I saw some of the same plants I find at Loblaws there for quite a bit more $$$).

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

BDAY is done .. happy group out for Chinese Food, then home for cake and coffee.

Betty, the Astillbe is awesome and something I have NO luck with at all !!!

Attaching a pic .. can't believe another BDay has passed .. criminee .. means I HAVE one coming up in a few months .. OH .. OH .. no, I don;t .. I have decided NO MORE BDAYS .. I am a BDay free zone LOL


Thumbnail by MarilynneS
Victoria Harbour, ON

You might have done well Susan to have dug the shrubs up, worked the garden, raked and worked again then replant..sounds like quite an undertaking to me.

Amazing Ann how some nurseries like our Garden Gallery can sell garden art/shrubs,plants at a reasonable price and other want triple the are one smart lady to keep the gift certificate until there is something you really want.

I stopped on my way home at the nursery just south of Elmvale on my way home, my friend Ann's birthday is Saturday and because she might be away I thought I'd pick her up something..she has been looking for a lilac shrub, garden gallery didn't have much left but this nursery had a new type, not the boo erring continuous bloom but an entirely different one, even leaves are different..about 4 feet high, quite a width, never has suckers and blooms about a month later than regular lilac...can't for the life of me can I remember the name...then there were butterflies flying around several of the plants only to find out they were solar and you insert in planter and they virtually hover and move around the plant, couldn't believe they were not real...sooo bought one for Cathy's dad as he comes over from time to time to offer suggestions when I'm undertaking projects I know nothing about! He was thrilled..then one had to come home with me..too adorable, might have to pick up another!

Looking at the clock and am amazed to see how late it is.. Stopped off to deliver both items and chatted, now it's bedtime..enjoy your evening

Victoria Harbour, ON

Glad hubby enjoyed his birthday dinner..sure beats cooking!
Pass us a piece of cake won't you?


Betty - the shrubs had been there for more than 10 years......... and not being cared for, they're pretty overgrown with weeds, and only about 2ft tall! Two of them are those small willow-types (not sure of the name) with more dead wood than living branches. The root bed was all clogged. That's what happens with some of these bushes that are multiple stems from the ground up.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Susan, was she too ill to care for her gardens


Betty - Marlene & her mom are not able to care for the gardens. Wilma's 83, and Marlene has had nerve damage in her arms, so cannot even pick up a watering can with water.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Then you are indeed a blessing to them!!


well, in return for my work on their yard & gardens, they've given me space for my veggie garden! They would like to share the proceeds, but not the onions! They're highly allergic to onions, so I planted them at the very back of the garden (it's rectangular on the short side, so would have to walk the longest direction to reach onions lol) so they don't go near them :-) We all benefit!
I'm making 2 huge bowls of potato salad for our Stampede Lunch this Sunday, so it looks like I'll be able to use the multiplier green onions from my garden - they're sure growing fast!! And the potatoes are growing quickly too! I predict in a month or so that we'll have baby potatoes- yummmmmmmm!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Mouth watering Susan, think it's a good exchange, meets the needs of all!

Overcast here today but doubt it shall rain..lordy, coming in to work this morning talk about fog...

Saying that our weather this weekend will be much the same as last weekend so am thrilled about that..I've some garden cleaning to do..


It's a symbiotic relationship with a friend, Betty :-)
Our temp right now is 38c/100F - and it's not even the hot part of the day yet - wait 2 more hours LOL

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

You must be holding your thermometer in the direct sun Susan!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Lol yes it's hot here as well, just got home and Cathy who comes and does my grass on Thursday's had all the drapes closed..air has been on so enjoyable inside but am off to work in the gardens..why is is that everyone picks the hottest days to get things done?


Actually yes, Carol, it is.
and I was working in the direct sun for 3 hours yesterday, so thought it was appropriate.


Betty - it's those days that we have no rain, so that's when the gardens Need watering........

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Unnerving sitting here waiting for the storm to 'happen' .. watches and warnings abound for thunder and lightning and heavy rain .. but .. nothing so far.
Getting spoiled not having have ferry watering cans about the property ..

Susan .. sounds as though you are in 'gardening heaven' .. sweet deal you have worked out with Wilma and Marlene.
Will you attend any of the Stampede events .. maybe spot Kate and/or William ^_^

Our potato plants have BUGS, curiously, of the 3 types planted only ONE type has the bugs .. the powder we used to use to dust the plants is unavailable now .. have a friend who still may have some ..

Shoulder update .. "OW OW OW" .. sums it up ...

Have a nice evening all

Victoria Harbour, ON

"M" sorry to hear that your shoulder is still giving you mega trouble..are the meds not helping at all? How is Lorna doing, haven't heard you mention how she's adapting..

Calling for nice weekend but did say you were sending your bad weather our way.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Susan, you'll have to take photo of the new veggie garden!

Carol, how are you dealing with the heat? Was it only months ago we were complaining of the snow?

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Well as long as you are not out in the sun for long periods it is fine - official temp is about 25 degrees C. I have lots of shade in my back yard and the ground floor of the house stays cool. Upstairs is another matter and it does get warm and stuffy at night.

And I now have a car with air conditioning which I have used the past couple of days - nice!

Although I don't like it really hot I do tend to chill easily since I had chemo so I don't mind this.

I went out and bought some new summer clothes today - should have been doing it 2 months ago - selection now not so good. Got a pair of pants ( which need shortening!) a skirt - orange! - and a couple of light tops. I have two linen skirts I really like, got them a couple of years ago but they are too big now will take them to the dressmaker to see if she can alter them. Also 2 dresses I bought about same time, took one in already and the other next week. I am having her make me a new summer skirt to wear at LH. I do have a 'summer' skirt but the fabric is rather heavy and I have opted to pay for this one myself, otherwise it would be ages before I could get a new one! Fabrics are 50% off at the moment. Will look for a couple of patterns for pants and skirts and just get them made as it is hard to find what I want.

This is the fabric for the LH skirt.

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Thumbnail by fancyvan
Victoria Harbour, ON

Love the sheen to it Carol..will make a lovely skirt!

I find I'm much like you, hate shopping in the stores for clothing, everything is soooo modern, not fitting for a short heavier set lady (myself of course)..wanted a good pair of jeans, heck, they don't make them in the same manner, more hipsters than anything else so might just have to put up with same old clothing until the styles change.

I have a/c on since last week, makes it easier for to sleep but many evenings while watching t.v. I have to have a blankie..

Calling for a gorgeous weekend..had a day/evening trip planned but fell through as my SIL who I was actually doing it for cannot go..bought a 5 drawer cupboard this morning for back bedroom, paid for it, came to bring it to me and it was in a flat box..told me directions were easy (bet she never tried to put one together)...should have asked for $$$ back..I'll try and if I can't figure it out I'll put it all back in a box for want it


hi all - stopped in for a minute from delivering newsletters - 200 of them!! I've done about 75...
then I need to do the church washrooms (2).
Tomorrow I have 2 LARGE potato salads to make for the Stampede Lunch.......
I'm not going to anything officially Stampede but will go to community events like our church's Stampede Lunch, etc. Anyway - need to get back to delivering the rest of the newsletters.......

Victoria Harbour, ON

Shaking my head here Susan, you just never stop do you!!!!

Amazing what you can accomplish..will you participate in the Stampede events?


yup - I'm serving hot dogs LOL
I'm like you - have never learned to say "No" LOL

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Nice material for a skirt Carol .. looks as though it'd 'flow' well ..

OMG Betty .. are we talking an IKEA nightmare cupboard here ? My sincerest best wishes .. my firm and pat motto since the last fiasco here 'NEVER AGAIN' .. Lorna sees things like that as a challenge, I see them as one of life's MAJOR toothaches LoL
She has made a wadrobe (the 200lb one that fell on my toe and broke it a few year back) .. no matter how hard we have tried, the front doors are out of alignment ..
The micro wave stand she put together went well, but, 2 weeks later, the utensil drawer was not aligned right .. still isn't.

Lorna just spent 2 hours trimming the property from her riding mower .. she feels she is about half done .. god bless her love of property maintenance. Gord picked 3 baskets of strawberries today at a local farm, so far i have a pie made under SEVERE protest from my shoulders when I rolled out the dough !! Tomorrow I'll likely make some freezer jam.

HOT hear again .. no storm last night .. and.. temps are expected to fall to 12C from 29C tomorrow .. THAT ought to be interesting !!

Off to finally have my shower ...


Victoria Harbour, ON

"M" I left the box in the car, thought I'd start first thing tomorrow morning when my brain is half working!!

Me thinks you are trying to do too much and it's not getting time to heal.

Sounds like Lorna is enjoying her yard work and sure is a great help to you..perhaps you should have just eaten berries and not rolling dough for pies and jam. That being said, my mouth is watering just thinking of a homemade slice of pie topped with a scoop of ice cream.

Stopped at the quarry to get more slate for the pond then into a nursery, wanted to purchase for a swap one of those solar generated units that has a butterfly on it that hovers over a plant..finally got home and mom had been visiting an uncle and then dropped in..guess Cathy was here to let Sailor out so offered mom a pop and chatted until I got in..yikes, mothers...will we ever be adults to them?

As soon as I arrived she went on and on about how much energy and $$$ it took to make then in her second breath. It was when could I come do one for her..then she saw the big bird I bought last weekend and went on about the cost..then I took the dresser box out of the car, said it was a dresser and she wanted to know how much, why did I need it,why wasn't I saving?? Etc. Etc.

Got to tell you I was hitting my lips...I don't ask for $$$. From her (like the 43 year old grandson that lives with her) I pay cash for what I buy, my bills are paid so why in the world each time she sees me buy something does she need to give me a sermon about spending!

Moms ??

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