New hive (swarm) died suddenly after two weeks

Northfield, OH

Hello beekeepers,

I am a new beekeeper this year and I have a hive (carnolians) that seems to be thriving. A couple weeks ago, I captured a swarm in a nearby town when it landed in a coworker's yard. The new colony seemed to do fine for the first couple weeks and were drawing comb and the queen was laying (I didn't find her until a week later, but she was there).

On July 1st, while inspecting the hive, I noticed some of the bees seemed to be falling from the frames, but I didn't think much of it (inexperience). Then, suddenly on July 5th, almost the entire hive died within about 12 hours. In the morning, there were a dozen dead bees in front of the entrance, and by evening it was literally clogged with dead bees. All around the hive on the ground were bees struggling to fly. Inside, larvae were dropping from the frames. I looked at these bees up close and don't see anything physically wrong with them, and no signs of fouled brood cells. Below is a link to a few dozen pictures I took on the 5th. Does anybody know what could cause this? Like I mentioned, my other hive, which is about 15 yards away, seems perfectly fine. After the 5th, there were maybe 100 bees left, including the queen, but they still can't fly. The larvae appear to be starving in their cells.

Mansehra, Pakistan(Zone 10a)

your image link does not go to images, rather it is an email link. plz post images again. don't use that equipment again until problem is solved. check whether someone sprayed their crops or not in your vicinity. as for second hive, if someone sprayed their crops, move your bees away from there. different hives work different plants and crops at the same time. it may happen that your second hive may come across that polluted plant. if that is not the case, (no one sprayed the crops) then do tell me.

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