Pachypodium horombense

Yardley, PA

It looks so good this year. Do these bloom?

Thumbnail by Sally0
Arlington, TX

What a great looking specimen! How old is this plant and how long have you had it? Sorry, I don't know about it blooming, though most pachys do.

Decatur, GA

I had a lot of my Pachypodiums bloom for me. They were mostly yellow flowers on long stalks.

Yardley, PA

I have had this plant for about 7 years.

Sun Lakes, AZ(Zone 9b)

I assume it was much smaller when you got it. They seem to grow fast in s-h. It is so symmetrical. I love it.

Yardley, PA

Yes it was much smaller and many of my plants do seem to grow faster in the s/h. I think it is because the roots are free to roam. I put many of my caudiciforms in the ground for the summer and get some astonishing growth which I think is because the roots can go wild and they do.

Los Angeles, CA(Zone 10a)

'Semi-hydro'? What is 's/h'?

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Yardley, PA

Amanzed, probably the easiest thing to do is up where it says "search forums", type in semi-hydroponics. There are a lot of threads on it. I have about 80 plants in it and it has been
very success for me. It has cut down on my rot problems by, at least, 90%. Many of my plants seem to grow more quickly, also.

Los Angeles, CA(Zone 10a)

Oh! Yes, I know how to search and I know what semi-hydro or semi-hydroponics is. I just wasn't sure exactly what 's/h' was, other than 'shipping and handling', as an abbreviation. Just trying to make sure I was interpreting the contributor's shorthand properly.

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