Clay Soil / Drainage Issues For Palms

Anaheim, CA(Zone 10a)

Ok, So I dug my 1 x 1 x 18" hole and filled it with water. The first 6" drained in about 20-25 mins, then the last 12" took 6 hours. I've filled it up a second time, and so far, the same results. Here's a question...what if you drilled 5-6 holes at the bottom of your planting hole (about 2-3 feet deeper using an auger bit) as to drain the hole itself? What exactly is the timetable for draining to be classified as "poor draining"?
The landscape designer is coming by on Tuesday to discuss what type of palms and where.

Acton, CA(Zone 8b)

Sounds like poorly draining soil to me, though I had worse in Thousand Oaks (took days for soil to drain out of such a hole). However, it was pretty surprising how many species of palm did great in this soil (had a few that did not, but most survived fine).

Anaheim, CA(Zone 10a)

So what did you find did well in this type of soil palmbob? And what do you think of Queens in this type of soil? Like I said in another post, I have a well established that I think the builder planted 25 years ago. Do you have an advantage with buying / planting a more mature Queen?

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Acton, CA(Zone 8b)

Queens will do fine in that soil (even like it), but so do several Braheas (armata, brandegei and edulis), Trachycarpus (all), most Phoenix, Rhopalostylis, Livistonas (most... not the blue ones, though), Parajubaea sunkha, Rhapidophyllum, Washingtonia (of course), Bismarckia, Sabals (all), Nannorhops (old ones... seedlings don't like it), Chamaedorea (except for the sun-loving ones, like plumosa or glaucifolia... and I have no luck with super marginal species, either), Jubaeaopsis, Allagoptera, Pritchardia (most)... I think that pretty much covers it...

Anaheim, CA(Zone 10a)

Wow...really? I figured there weren't too many considering most of what you read is..."this palm tree likes well draining soil." But, you've given me a pretty long list, so thank you!


St. Louis, MO(Zone 6a)

PalmBob, thank you for your response on this. I was worried about my brother's windmill palms not having good drainage but it looks like they might be ok based on your list. :)

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