Anyone recognize this?

Clifton Springs, Australia

My son was given this plant a couple of years ago, by an elderly lady, but we don't know it's name..
All he does is water it...It lives in his fernery and gets dappled shade.......the leaves are a wonderful glossy green.
The pic is from this morning so it flowers in Winter.

Thumbnail by Seachanger
Victoria, Australia

Veltheimia bracteata.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Top marks,'s a very pretty thing...Pete wants more of them..we will try the propagation methods on the net....couldn't wait for

Dalby, Queensland, Australia

Dear Seachanger,
Velthemia capensis (or close relation, B. bracteata) come from South Africa.
The bulb plants can be brought in small pots at $7.50 each from The Diggers Club, and sent via mail order to you. Diggers web site is worthwhile looking at...sells water-wise plants :
wharfie, Dalby QLD.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Thank you Wharfie, very kind of you to take the trouble....

Sydney, Australia

Ho wharfie I am guessing you love gardening ...what plants do you enjoy ?

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