Cypress Vine

Liverpool, NY

I lived in SC 2 yrs ago and brought with me when I moved to NY a seeds that I had saved from my red Cypress Vine the last summer (2009) I was in SC. My first summer in NY I was unable to plant the saved seeds because we lived in a townhouse and there were no gardening options. We were moving in August so planting them in a container wouldn't have worked well either because by August the plants would have been rather big and hard to move without trauma to both the plant and myself. This year I have a beautiful home and lots of garden space, I am loving the opportunities for new landscaping and new garden plans while working with the existing plants from the previous owner of the home. We've created new beds and torn out overgrown bushes, etc. and enjoying every minute of it since there is actually dirt here in NY instead of clay as in SC. I started a few seeds in small pete pots and have nursed them for what seems like two months now but they aren't growing. I've poked around with a toothpick to see if the seeds had rotted but they looked puffed with moisture and not moldy. Every night I put the pots in a ziplock bag but I don't close the bag so the dirt doesn't get moldy. Every morning I remove them from the bag and place them in the window. I wonder if the seeds are old since they were gathered in 2009. When I harvested them, I dried them, placed in an air tight bag and put them in a safe dry place. These seeds are like gold for me because the original plant I had was from seeds that my mother gave me back in 2000. I have some seeds left over and I know it's getting late in the season, but do you have any advice on if these seeds are too old or if I'm doing something wrong with the seeds I have germinated at this time?

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Pawleys Island, SC

I still live in SC and I have had seeds germinate even tho they are much older. Try soaking some over night in hand hot water with just a tiny bit of peroxide in it. That has been successful for me.

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