New Zealand

Strendur, Faroe Islands

I searched the Forum for New Zealand, but couldnīt get "any closer" than Australia.
How do I get into contact with gardeners from New Zealand? The Faroes share a lot of the same gardening conditions. I have a lot of Hebes and Olearias. We have mild, wet and very windy winters, cool summers also wet and windy, acid soil, salty air, little frost and snow in winteres and not too much sunshine in summers either. There is only little garden tradition in the Faroes, but during the last 10 - 15 years a great interest has come - only gardening in the Faroes is really a battle against the elements. Eva - The Faroes. Eva - The Faroes

Clifton Springs, Australia

Eva, welcome,
Lots of NZers use this forum, so I'm sure they will contact you....

Must admit that I hadn't heard of the I looked it up...
It doesn't look very conducive to gardening, but I'm sure that you will create interest with your efforts.
The Faroes were voted one of the world's most beautiful islands, so tourism must do well.
I have put the link on here because everyone will want to know about your home...
Good Luck.

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barmera, Australia

It sure looks cold on your island. It's so beautiful there though. I can see why you would like to plant flowers and trees. What about cold climate Brugmansia? I'm sure they would love your island too. Bluebells and tulips? Anyway Eva we would love to chat to you and for you to show us pics of what you are doing. Thanks Dianne for putting up the link. Colleen

Christchurch, New Zealand

hi Eva, there was a thread for Kiwi gardeners but we slowly integrated into the Aussie group as there are more of them...
and such a friendly bunch :)
It seemed silly to have two groups running.
Anyway along with NZ the Tasmanians probably have similar conditions so maybe plants native to coastal Tassie might suit.
I have hebes too - such an amazing species with so many varieties!
Coprosma is another good one with a range of sizes & colours.
Phormiums also come in a wide range if colours & sizes.

reading this wiki page might give you some ideas :)

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