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Iris Orders for this year

Lafayette, IN(Zone 5a)

A couple of Iris Orders have shipped and should arrive by the weekend! And I'm behind in getting their beds ready! My Superstition order and Napa order will be here soon!


Hustisford, WI(Zone 5a)

Nice! I too am behind on beds. I am putting a new iris bed where I currently have a dead maple tree - but the tree company was supposed to remove the tree in June, and it is now mid July.... ~Jan

Lafayette, IN(Zone 5a)

I have 2 others that have arrived! several more on the way! I do believe this will be the last year I will be able to buy more plants.....unless I move some out. :(

South Hamilton, MA

We are weeding like mad to clear our space. Just have the 3 which we bought at the median convention auction. they were easy to work in. I prefer no extras becasue of space. Some take my request for none & some feel that they should be sent anyway which is a pain.

Lafayette, IN(Zone 5a)

I had two companies that didn't send extras....that's ok with me. Sometimes the extra is not one I would want anyway! Did I say that? I love my iris!

Greensboro, NC(Zone 7a)

I'm trying to get my Superstition order together--I only have two choices locked down as definites for my order so far--so hard to choose.

I get what you're saying about some of the bonus choices--I'm particular about color and pattern so not every bonus is for me, so that's when I share with some of my non gardening friends. They love getting all my extra stuff because they don't actively go looking for new bulbs/rhiz. or plants.

Melfa, VA(Zone 8a)

I always love the extras!!! If I already have them I can always trade them for something I want!.
Flower beds!!! Oh geez! My hubby went to the new house last time and he is not allowed to weed my flower beds!! 3 weeks went by before I got back. I had grass over my head in the pasture in some places and grass in the yard 1 ft high even though he had mowed when he was here (6 acres worth). My veggie garden is overgrown with weeds that came up between the rows of fabric and actually pushed the fabric back for even more weeds to graw. I have gotten about 1/2 of that done...about 2/3 of the flower beds...which are also covered. I rises in the holding beds can hardly be seen...and only them if you really look for them. If anyone had told me it would be this long before we made the permanent move...I tyhink I would have waited a bit...hmmmm...maybe not!
have tendonitis and the osteoarthriti in my hands hurts to the point of not sleeping well. Taking it easy today and back to the weeds tomorrow. At least I do have a bit of space at the house foundation where my ordered ones can go until next year. that seemd to stay pretty clear of weeds.

Santa Ynez, CA

if I wasn't behind I would worry, there is always more to do and of course am I ready for the new iris??? of course not, but I wait and wait and for what to look at the green rhizomes that look just like anything else I have out in the field now, but it is always a thrill to get them and see what extra's may have come too......incentive to get out there and get it all ready again....

Louisville, KY

Has anyone recieved their order from blue j iris ? I am having a fit of anticipation asnxiety and I am wondering if I should have recieved mine. Thanks

Santa Ynez, CA

Sheri told me that my order would be early they are probably still working away:)

Gilbertsville, KY(Zone 7a)

My Blue J order arrived yesterday, and have been planted in pots this morning.

Louisville, KY

well I'll just keep waiting...thank you

Kansas City, MO

I have received my Ghio order, Snowpeak and Superstition is on its way for a Friday delivery.

Have gotten good stuff and am a happy clam.


Lafayette, IN(Zone 5a)

Received Cooley's today! Appalachian, Superstition, Napa, HIS and Mid America have arrived and Stout has been shipped.....just leaves Schreiner's and Aitkens. So far they have all been really awesome.....did have a substitution for one I ordered from Cooley's and I already had what was substituted. Guess I'll just add it to the clump I have. I need to mark no substitutions next time I order! Still a happy gardener!

South Hamilton, MA

A friend sent a MDB which she wanted to keep going today. Fewer people are growing them & you don't want to loose the older ones. Also Aitkens, Keppel & Mid-America arrived.

Superstition will come along with the plants for the ISM auction & I asked Woodberry to ship in Aug. I knew that we would have spots open for the plants then. Today's plants can sit out exposed to the air for a couple days. No way are we working outside with the heat dome arriving tomorrow.

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