repotting for inside

Newnan, GA(Zone 8a)

I am almost afraid to ask this, so don't throw rocks:) I usually make my own mix from planting soil and other things. This isn't sterilized. What would my chances be if I repotted all my plants I have to bring in in this mix and used Safer Soap on them? Am I asking for huge problems?

All I can say tiG is that spiders and such do lay their young in our soils,potted or otherwise. So,also the cocoons seldom get touched and will hatch with warm home conditions'It's your call,I've done it but keep a close eye on them'''

Well, it's fall but other than leaves on the ground, one would never know it here,70-80degree weather' Decided to get the mugos out of containers and plant out back today'How are your container plants doing?

Westbrook, ME(Zone 5a)

tiG - I was thinking of mixing up and sterilizing some soil to bring in. Not sure if I'll get it done before the snow flies here. My plan was to mix compost, garden soil, and pro-mix. Then sterilize it in batches outside on the B-Q pit to avaoid the mess in the house. I have a big alluminum turkey roasting pan that I saved just for this project. I don't know how it will work out - but if I get it done I'll let you know.

(Zone 6a)

I am planning on spraying my potted brugs with chlorodane next fall....plant and pots. That should take care of the bugs. And I routinely spray in the basement for spiders every winter to take care of any that crawl in or hatch out in here.


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