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Pudica flower question...

Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9b)

My mom has a Pudica and it was a wonderful inflo, but the problem is that the buds turn brown and fall off before they can open... any thoughts on this?? It's hot out, which is my thought, but if it's something we can actually control I'd like to know... Thanks!!! :)

Tucson, AZ

hey B! it could be the heat. i know that i was experiencing that right before the humidity rolled in from the monsoon. the blooms are doing much better now. of course, we are drying out until next week. bummer! make sure that it is watered well. i had this happen to a plumeria that was in the ground once. then, i watered it overnight and that helped. it could be a number of things which probably doesn't help answer your question. hopefully, someone else will chime in.

Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9b)

Hahaha, thanks D for the response at least... I'll let my Mom know... I personally think their pots are too small too which doesn't help with the moisture situation... Hmm... is it a bad time to repot? She'd probably lose the inflo wouldn't she?

Tucson, AZ

just keep as much of the root ball intact and it should be fine. perhaps, give it more shade to avoid transplant shock.

Yuma, AZ(Zone 10a)

Hi Brittany,just a couple of thoughts,Pudica doesn't have the large limbs like most plumeria so she has little reserves,she also has a lot of foliage which dissipates moisture more than most,she relies heavily on her roots.Mine potted and in full sun several years ago would drop buds or worse,abort the whole inflo.,i move her to mourning sun only and made sure she stayed hydrated.

btw,how are your sings and m.g.?


Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9b)

All of my plumeria are lovely, no flowers, but I'm happy with the beautiful foliage right now :) amazingly enough I looked at my Mom's Pudica a couple days ago and wouldn't you believe that there were 3 open flowers!!! Hooray... I guess whatever was upsetting her has passed :) Thanks you guys :)

Tucson, AZ

that is good info to know sonorarat. thanks!

North Augusta, SC(Zone 8a)

My pudica bloomed late but prolifically. Overwinter some stem rot.

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