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drippers for baskets

Eugene, OR

I am redoing my drip system for all my hanging baskets. I am trying to find the metal drippers like I see in all the nurseries, but can only find the plastic ones. Any ideas?? Thank you for any help.

Central Texas, TX(Zone 8b)

Why do you want metal ones?

Eugene, OR

I have to change the plastic ones all the time. I thought the others might last better.

Everett, WA(Zone 8a)

Maybe they are clogging. Do you have a filter?

I never saw metal emitters, but Dripworks has a cheap one that's easy to clean:
>> Take Apart drip emitters
>> The DTA1, DTA2 and DTA4 Take Apart drip emitters can be pulled apart for easy cleaning.

They also have a more expensive one that sounds c lever, and they call it "non-plugging"

>> Non-Plugging Emitter
>> the Non-Stop Emitter will pass particles that would plug almost any drip emitter.
>> A minimum of 15 PSI is required

>> Inside the emitter are 2 diaphragms with 5 small openings.
>> When particles block the diaphragm openings, pressure develops and stretches the opening.
>> The particle is forced through the opening, which then returns to its normal size.

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